Strengthening the immune system

Fish need a robust immune system to stay healthy. Rovimax is a high quality feed additive containing nucleotides to booster and strengthen the immune system- for best performance in aqua cultured species and better returns for producers

The roles of nucleotides in fish and shrimp diets have been studied for over 25 years. Nucleotides are the basic building blocks for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, ATP, and key coenzymes involved in essential metabolic processes. During disease states and injury, the rapid cell proliferation required for tissue healing leads to nucleotide depletion.

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Main Benefits

Dietary supplementation can compensate at challenging periods in the growing cycle and support cell proliferation and differentiation. Research has shown dietary nucleotides improve immune response and disease resistance of fish and shrimp. Over the past 12 years, we have developed Rovimax NX and Rovimax NX Plus to deliver highly purified free nucleotides to the aquaculture industry.


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