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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


life’sDHA® is a vegetarian source of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) omega-3 from algae that provides important brain and eye benefits throughout life.
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Most people incorrectly believe that fish produce their own DHA, when in fact it’s the algae in their food chain that makes them a rich source of DHA.

life’sDHA® goes straight to the source, resulting in a sustainable, high quality product rich in DHA omega-3.

life’sDHA® product benefits

life'sDHA® from algae is a vegetarian source of DHA. It’s produced, from start to finish in an FDA-inspected facility with controls in place to ensure the highest quality. life'sDHA® comes from non-genetically modified source and is the only DHA currently used in US infant formulas.

Why choose life’sDHA®?

  • Wide consumer appeal: vegetarian, kosher, halal and major allergen-free
  • Science: over 100 scientific studies using life’sDHA®
  • Versatility: suitable for food, beverage, infant formula and dietary supplement applications
  • Renewable Source: produced in FDA-inspected facilities with controlled production which produces a highly concentrated, consistent product
  • Recognized brand



What is DHA?

DHA is one of the long chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and a major structural fat in the brain and retina, accounting for up to 97% of the omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and 93% in the retina.

  • For mothers-to-be, DHA can help support a healthy pregnancy
  • For infants and children, DHA is important for brain and eye development
  • For adults, DHA supports brain, eye and heart health, and helps improve memory function.

DHA omega-3 is naturally found throughout the body and is most abundant in the brain and eyes. Just as calcium is essential for building strong bones, DHA is important for strong brains. DHA also ensures that the cells in the brain, retina and other parts of the nervous system develop and function properly through all stages of life.

Brain health benefits

From infancy to adulthood, DHA is important for brain health and supports brain development and function throughout life. More specifically:

  • DHA supports cognitive development
  • DHA supports normal development of the brain
  • DHA supports memory function in adults.

Eye health benefits

DHA is a major structural fat in the retina of the eye and plays an important role in visual development and function throughout life. Studies have shown:

  • DHA supports retinal development and function
  • DHA supports visual function.

Interested in learning more about the health benefits of life’sDHA®? Visit our research highlights pages below::

life'sDHA® Ingredient Solutions

Algal DHA oil

Oil, Powder, Capsules

life'sDHA® oil can be added to various foods and beverages at meaningful levels and maintain chemical and sensory integrity as well as shelf life stability. The oil will retain its integrity through most common processing conditions used in the food and beverage industries.

DHA powder for baked goods

DHA powder is specifically designed for use in bakery products like breads, rolls and muffins. The DHA powder works well with other typical ingredients and can be added directly to the standard baking process. life’sDHA® has successfully fortified bakery products with no impact on the final product's sensory characteristics.

DHA emulsion for beverages

The DHA emulsion technology was specially developed for use in a variety of beverages. The DHA emulsion technology works well with other typical ingredients and can be added directly to the standard formulating process. life'sDHA® has effectively fortified drinks with no impact on the final product's sensory characteristics.

All-vegetarian DHA supplements

life’sDHA® softgels provide a turnkey solution to consumers’ supplement needs. life’sDHA® rich algal oil has been encapsulated in a completely vegetarian softgel, resulting in a product that is 100% vegetarian. Available in 200mg or 100mg dosages, life’sDHA® supplements are an easy and effective way to increase your daily DHA intake.

life’sDHA® opportunities

life’sDHA® has been successfully incorporated into many applications, providing product differentiation and added value in food categories,that include:

  • Dairy products
  • Beverages
  • Bakery
  • Confectionary
  • Extrusion products
  • Spreads
  • Dressings
  • Processed meat.

life’sDHA® remains stable when subjected to thermal processing conditions such as:

  • Pasteurization: UHT, HTST, Batch
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Retorting: Static Continuous
  • Extruding/Cooking (extreme)
  • Drying: Tunnel, spray, drum, etc
  • Freeze drying
  • Refrigeration
  • Freezing
  • Mixing/High shear
  • Fermenting: pH changes.

life’sDHA® in the Marketplace

Collection of products containing life’sDHA

What began as a NASA research project years ago has led to the development of a vegetarian, sustainable source of DHA omega-3. The subject of over a hundred different research studies during the past two decades, life’sDHA® has supported the nutritional needs of more than 60 million babies and is now found in over 500 food, beverage and supplement products around the world. Brands such as Minute Maid, Cofco, and Horizon have partnered with life’sDHA® and are exceeding sales expectations and quickly becoming consumer favorites.

Specific highlights include:

  • Its introduction into infant formula in 1994; by 2006 it was included in over 90% of infant formulas in the US
  • Helping increase consumer awareness of the benefits of DHA omega-3 through ongoing international marketing and public relations campaigns
  • Approval for food use in China in 2007 and continued significant growth in consumer awareness
  • Martek Biosciences, now a part of DSM, was inducted into the Space Foundation Hall of Fame as a result of the research that started it all.

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