Hy-D® – strength to succeed in poultry

Hy-D® – strength to succeed in poultry

Hy-D®, our specific vitamin D3 metabolite, provides animals with a fast track to a strong skeleton and better performance. For our customers, this means a fast track to higher returns.

Birds need a strong skeleton if they are to achieve their potential. Hy-D® is a specific feed additive proven to:

  • Improve bone strength and density
  • Optimize health and immune function
  • Maximize meat and egg yield
  • Improve hatchability and day-old chick quality
  • Increase meat and egg quality

Experimental trials and the results of extensive global commercial use show that Hy-D® can deliver a return on investment in excess of 5:1.

Hy-D® and poultry meat

Achieving a robust frame is fundamental to breeding strong, high-yielding broilers and turkeys.

Profitability in poultry meat production is driven by:

  • High survivability
  • Increased breast meat yields
  • Higher carcass acceptance by processors
  • Greater skeletal strength

Hy-D® has shown to deliver on all fronts:

  • Increased daily liveweight gain
  • Superior feed conversion rates
  • Increased meat yield per bird
  • A higher proportion of acceptable carcasses
  • Superior meat quality with higher consumer acceptance and reduced incidence of black bone syndrome

Hy-D® for breeders and layers

To produce better eggs and chicks in greater numbers, farmers must first breed a better hen.

To maximize profitability in poultry egg units, farmers need to:

  • Increase lay persistency
  • Minimize mortality rates
  • Achieve high hatchability rates
  • Produce top quality day-old chicks
  • Maximize the number of chicks born per hen

Adding Hy-D® to breeder and layer diets has shown to deliver big benefits, such as:

  • Increased survival rate of birds in early lay
  • Superior lay persistency – up to 1.5% more eggs
  • Greater proportion of saleable eggs with fewer broken shells
  • Increased number of live chicks hatched and reduced incidences of early mortality


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