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Genetic selection has led to remarkable improvements in poultry performance. However, along with these improvements, certain undesirable traits have emerged in both breeders and commercial birds (broilers, layers, and turkeys). As a result of this, poultry breeders see these issues as their primary concerns:

  • Lack of egg production persistency
  • Premature declines in fertility
  • Lower hatchability
  • Poor quality chicks
  • Poor eggshell quality

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Fertility issues have led to a noticeable decline in the availability of day-old chicks in the global poultry market in recent years. With the demand for day-old chicks increasing annually, the placement of poor-quality chicks on farms has become increasingly common resulting in early chick mortality, reduced overall performance and lower carcass yield at slaughtering.

Hence, poultry breeders are actively seeking solutions and strategies to increase breeder productivity (more chicks) and enhance chick quality (better chicks). This is where MaxiRepro™ Poultry steps in, offering an effective solution to address these challenges on the breeder performance.

Selected species

MaxiRepro™ Poultry

MaxiRepro™ Poultry is an innovative solution designed to enhance mineral metabolism, immune response, and antioxidant status, and support embryo development during early stages. Thanks to its unique and novel composition which makes it an efficient and sustainable solution for the modern breeder production systems for ultimate chick production and quality.

Modes of Action

MaxiRepro™ Poultry is a unique and novel blend of four components designed to offer a synergistic multifactorial support:

  • Ca & P Metabolism Modulator: The safest and most potent source of vitamin D, in the form of 25-OH-D3 (Hy-D®), effectively modulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism, impacting eggshell quality, chick development, and immunity.
  • Gonad Targeting Carotenoid: The widely recognized potent antioxidant (Canthaxanthin) contributes to improved fertility, embryo viability, hatchability, and chick quality
  • Lysyl Oxidase Activator: The crucial micronutrient (organic copper) with the ability to activate lysyl oxidase in the egg, contributing to stronger vitelline and eggshell membranes and increased hatchability
  • Nutrient Utilization Complex: A unique and innovative ingredient, designed to boost nutrient utilization, especially protein through the modulation of microbiome metabolism, resulting in enhanced breeder productivity.

Main Benefits

Scientific trials conducted in collaboration with renowned universities have demonstrated that MaxiRepro™ Poultry increases the number of chicks, resulting in a positive return on investment on:

  • Improved eggshell quality
  • Increased fertility
  • Improved hatchability
  • Better chick quality

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