Vitamin D3


Vitamin D3: bone health and beyond

Vitamin D requirements can be covered in two ways: by ingestion and/or via the endogenous synthesis of vitamin D3 from cholesterol, a process that requires the animals to be exposed to sunlight. Kept indoors without exposure to sunlight, vitamin D3 synthesis is insufficient to cover requirements and they should receive an external supply in their feed.

The classical Vitamin D  function is in the regulation of calcium absorption in the gut, the homeostasis of serum calcium and phosphorus as well as by its action on bone growth. Novel roles of vitamin D have been identified and they include, amongst others, the regulation of both the innate and adaptive immune system and the cell proliferation and differentiation, with implications in muscle formation. 

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dsm-firmenich ProductContent (min.)Formulation TechnologyApplication
ROVIMIX® D3-500500,000 IU/gSpray-dried powder, water dispersibleMash, Pellet, Expansion, Extrusion, Milk replacer/Water
ROVIMIX® AD3 1000/200Vit. A: 1,000,000 IU/g
Vit. D3: 200,000 IU/g
BeadletMash, Pellet, Expansion, Extrusion

Selected species

Main functions:

  • Homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus (intestine, bones and kidney)
  • Regulation of bones calcification
  • Modulation of the immune system
  • Muscular cell growth

Deficiency symptoms:

  • Rickets, osteomalacia and bone disorders
  • Lameness
  • Growth retardation
  • Muscular weakness and occasionally tetany

Main functions:

  • Absorption, fixing and homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus from the small intestine
  • Regulation of calcification of bones
  • Mobilization of calcium from bones
  • Regulation of immune cells

Deficiency symptoms:

  • Defects of mineralization
  • Deformities: soft and deformed bones
  • Fatty liver
  • Growth retardation and worse feed conversion
  • Loss of appetite up to anorexia
  • Tetany

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