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Today’s fattening swine are leaner and faster growing than their predecessors due to the continuous advancements in genetic selection and as a result their nutritional requirements are changing. Meanwhile, sustainability concerns are accelerating shifts towards feeding less nutrient dense feed that impact the supply of phosphorus (P), crude protein (CP), and nitrogen (N) to these high performance pigs. In a market where antibiotic use is being minimized, robustness and immune competency is even more crucial as the preventative health strategies being employed are largely vaccine focused and rely on immune system activation.

Competition for the same nutrients is happening at a physiological level between muscle deposition, immune competency and bone health. Some visible clinical signs are now occurring on farms during the fattening stage, such as SINS, ear necrosis, lameness, and decreased performance, which are all visible signs of metabolic and physiologic challenges.

Supporting nutrient partitioning and metabolism

The current generation of fatteners have increased nitrogen retention capacity and more protein is being retained as muscle. These genetic advancements are also inducing a change in their macro and micro-nutritional needs. Of course, SID lysine, net energy (NE), and other amino acids levels in feed must be reviewed and adapted, depending on the local swine production practices and market. However, the levels of certain vitamins such as B and D, and levels of standardized digestible phosphorous being fed may also require adaptation to meet the requirement of highly efficient fattening swine that have feed conversion ratios close to 2.2-2.3 and potential to gain 1000 g/day of body weight.

Swine are getting leaner, retaining more protein in muscle, and altering their nutritional requirements. Adjustments in lysine, NE, and amino acids are vital, alongside considerations for vitamins B and D and digestible phosphorus. Phosphorus is crucial for protein accretion, and recent findings emphasize the importance of vitamin D3 for muscle development and maintenance, supported by its receptors in multiple muscle types.

In swine markets, robust health and immune competency are key for optimal growth and welfare. With antibiotic use decreasing, preventive measures like vaccines are emphasized. Services like Verax™ DBS Analytics provide objective farm-level assessments to support immune health.

The strong drive for lean gain in modern fattening swine can pose challenges to bone development, with muscle and bone competing for the same limited supply of vital nutrients. Imbalances in sulfur amino acids, phosphorus, vitamin D, and trace elements can occur, affecting bone and muscle growth differently. Maintaining nutrient balance is crucial for skeletal health and vitamin D status in particular is an important consideration as it influences both tissues.


Steps for a precise and tailored nutrition solution for fattening pigs to the optimum bone health, immune competency, and growth efficiency:

  • Comprehensive analysis evaluating genetic, production, welfare, and sustainability factors
  • Review and adapt macro and micronutrient nutrition such as amino-acids balance, calcium and phosphorus, feed solutions and additives (enzymes, eubiotics, mycotoxin risk management, vitamins…)
  • Contact a dsm-firmenich representative for formulation and feed programs expertise
  • Establish and monitor health and performance key indicators
  • Measure, understand and manage vitamin D3 status with Verax™ DBS Analytics for optimum health and growth
  • Elevate vitamin D levels to reduce inflammation and bone strength with Hy-D®
  • Promote growth and efficiency with MaxiFicient™ Boost GF
  • Contact us to learn more about how we can support you or reach out to your local dsm-firmenich representative.

Products & Services

  • MaxiFicient™ Boost GF

    MaxiFicient™ Boost GF is a new innovative functional solution specifically developed to support the efficiency of fattener pigs without compromising on health and welfare. A unique combination of 25-OH-D3 and triterpenoids that work in harmony to support the lean meat gain potential of fatteners.

  • Hy-D®

    Hy-D® is the fast track vitamin D3 source, for a strong skeleton and better performance.

  • Verax™ DBS Analytics

    Optimize the immunity, bone health, reproductive performance and efficiency of your animals by understanding and managing their vitamin D3 status with our easy-to-use, fast, on-farm service that delivers insight and recommendations to improve animal performance.


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