The safe alternative to antibiotics

Sustainable proteins

Making food safety a priority

Food safety has risen to the top of the priority list for the livestock industry globally. The use of feed antibiotics as a growth promoter in particular is a highly contentious issue, and in 2016 the Chinese government outlawed the use of antibiotics in animal growth.

A tried and tested answer to a market gap

In China a more sustainable solution was needed to keep animals healthy, and to protect humans from antimicrobial resistance (AMR). DSM’s Animal Nutrition & Health team stepped in with an innovative solution: using acidifiers and other ‘eubiotics’ with proven antimicrobial properties, VevoVitall® Eubiotics optimizes gastrointestinal functionality and the health of livestock animals. Crucially, this enables the removal of antibiotics for growth promotion.

To engage local animal feed producers - including the more cautious chicken-feed segment - and to underline VevoVitall’s effectiveness, we initiated three scientific trials at our Animal Nutrition Research Center. As well as confirming - unequivocally - the health advantages of the solution, the studies outlined a range of unexpected secondary benefits, including reduced animal mortality, and improved performance in broilers.

Seeing is believing

In addition to having the initial requirement of replacing antibiotics in their feed fulfilled, our customers are also happier to see their animals healthier and stronger. In short, safer feed means safer food and more sustainable growth.


Our combined focus on both animal and human welfare led to a portfolio of safe alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters and is helping society tackle the issue of AMR. Our product improves feed efficiency, enabling farmers to use less feed, which leads to more sustainable farming.


By understanding both the societal and consumer needs (safe food and healthy animals), DSM successfully lowered the adoption barriers and drove performance. Taking a customer-centric approach, local customers were involved in the field testing, and this resulted in faster take-up and instant feedback. Tactical-influencer marketing generated word of mouth and provided powerful recommendation for customers to trust the product.

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