Climate & Energy

Enabling a low-carbon economy

Transforming food systems

Our company enables a low-carbon economy through lower carbon footprint solutions and by helping our customers and end-users reduce their own emissions, for example with new farming innovations. In fact, around two-thirds of our entire portfolio comprises what we call Brighter Living Solutions - products and services that have a specific environmental or social benefit compared to mainstream reference solutions, and we have set ourselves a set of Food System Commitments to track and articulate our impact.

At DSM, we believe in doing well by good. In fact, increasingly we find that taking actions that benefit our planet are also good for bottom line - thus making sustainability a key driver in our purpose of creating brighter lives for all. Here are just some examples of how this works in practices at DSM.

Minimizing methane emissions

As the world’s demand for protein continues to grow, so too does the amount of methane emitted by the cows we raise. To tackle this challenge the team at DSM developed an innovation that when added to dairy cattle feed reduces methane emissions by 30% - with no compromise on animal welfare, feed consumption or performance. When you consider that cows accounts for 4% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, that’s good news for us all.

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  • Our key markets

    Our key markets

    Our key markets include Animal Feed, Dietary Supplements, Early Life Nutrition, Food & Beverage, and Personal Care.

  • Our strategy & the SDGs

    Our strategy & the SDGs

    We’re so convinced of the value of doing well by doing good that our strategy is aligned with the Sustainable Development (SDG) goals outlined by the United Nations in 2015.