Profile, role & responsibilities

The Managing Board is responsible for DSM's strategy, portfolio policy, the deployment of human and capital resources, the company’s risk management system and the company's financial performance. The functioning of, and decision-making by, the Managing Board is governed by Regulations fully in line with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

The Managing Board consists of two or more members as determined by the Supervisory Board and approved by the company's shareholders. To ensure the highest standards of transparency and accountability, all members serve for a maximum of four years and require shareholders to approve each subsequent term.

Notwithstanding their collective responsibility for the management of the company, individual members are assigned specific tasks and responsibilities for particular businesses, functional areas and regions.


The remuneration of the members of the Managing Board is determined by the Supervisory Board based on the remuneration policy approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Comprehensive details of recent remuneration paid to DSM's Managing Board can be found in the Remuneration Report 2022.

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