Science & Innovation

Putting our purpose to work

Solving the world’s biggest challenges

Our scientific expertise and innovation power are answering some of the world’s biggest challenges, supporting our business growth and delivering value to everyone from customers and shareholders to employees, to the citizens of the world…

Our purpose is what drives our innovations. Our bright minds are guided by our ‘magnetic north’ - a genuine reflection of why our company exists and why we all come into work each day: to create brighter lives for all.

In practice that means using all our knowledge, experience and resources at our disposal to address three defining societal areas of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity.

Whether it’s fighting hidden hunger around the world, enabling our customers to produce sustainable and healthy animal proteins or creating bio-based, high performance thermoplastics…science & innovation really can change the world.

Stimulating innovation with purpose

At DSM we have the people, competences, and connections to transform bright science into sustainable commercial solutions. But so do other science-based companies. So, what makes our approach so special?

Enabling better food, nutrition and health for all

Innovations from DSM are supporting healthier living and diets for all by addressing everything from malnutrition to sugar reduction in dairy products, to healthy aging, to vitamins for new pharmaceutical therapies, to skin cancer prevention.

Driving innovation for a low carbon future

With bright science, we believe that it’s possible to address climate change. Which is why our innovators are striving to enable a low-carbon economy through solutions that help customers cut emissions through everything from light, yet incredibly strong Dyneema®, to reducing methane emissions from cattle.

Transition to a circular & bio-based economy

Bright science from DSM is enabling the transition towards a bio-based economy based on preserving natural resources and stimulating greater circularity - in everything from engineering materials that use bio-based feedstock, to pursuing a chemical recycling solution for Dyneema®-based end-products, to protecting biodiversity in our oceans.

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  • Scientific competences

    Scientific competences

    DSMs toolbox of scientific competences is grouped into seven areas, each with many advanced areas of expertise.

  • Open innovation

    Open innovation

    In science & innovation DSM is involved in 80+ academic partnerships, 30+ Public-Private Partnerships, and numerous venturing projects and joint ventures.

  • Bright Science Awards

    Bright Science Awards

    DSM's Bright Science Awards are open to PhD graduates; seasoned scientists worldwide, in everything from human & animal nutrition to materials science.