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Protein is essential to balanced diets, but while many people consume too much on a daily basis, environmental scientists are recommending a shift to diets with larger proportions of plant-based proteins. Still, we know that animal proteins are expected to remain an important part of people’s diets, playing a central role in our lives and cultures. Livestock also provides a living for millions of farmers and communities around the world.

DSM wants to support all forms of proteins produced with the highest sustainablility standards. Based on expertise in human and animal nutrition, as well as environmental science, we enable and produce sustainable proteins; plant-based, meat, eggs and fish. For all forms, we are tirelessly working on combating the key challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, limiting nitrogen and phosphorous emissions, while keeping the highest nutritional standards and ensuring good livelihoods.


At DSM, we address these different challenges with our products and innovations for human and animal nutrition.


We Make it Possible

As the world’s population grows, demand for animal protein will continue to rise. Over time, this need for ever-increasing quantities of animal protein, which is already placing tremendous pressure on our planet’s finite natural resources, will lead to significant environmental strain, and take our food systems well beyond the planet’s boundaries.

Our mission is to lead a robust and achievable transformation worldwide in sustainable animal protein production, and to accelerate solutions that will foster a brighter future. To address this challenge, DSM has launched We Make it Possible.

Aligned with SDGs 2, 3, 12, 13, and 14, the We Make it Possible initiative is driven by six sustainability platforms that will address the major challenges facing the animal farming industry. These are:

  • Improving the lifetime performance of farm animals
  • Improving the quality of food (i.e., meat, milk, fish, eggs), thereby reducing food loss and waste
  • Reducing emissions from livestock
  • Making efficient use of natural resources
  • Reducing the reliance on marine resources
  • Helping tackle anti-microbial resistance


As well as transforming the way we feed our animals to reduce food loss and waste, we also look elsewhere in the value chain to make improvements. Our Pack-Age® cheese ripening product offers an ingenious way of protecting the product against mold during natural ripening, thus delivering a fantastic, fresh cheese to the consumer. The science behind Pack-Age is based on a moisture-permeable, breathable membrane that eliminates the need for an inedible crust. This avoids up to 10% of the cheese being lost. What’s more, the increased packaging efficiency lowers the carbon footprint of cheese production by 10%.

Smart plastic packaging

To keep food safe and nutritious, and prevent it from being wasted, we’ve created our thermoplastic solution for food packaging. The semi-crystalline structure of our Akulon® material provides a strong barrier against oxygen and aromas, while offering excellent durability. The result is that it extends the shelf life of packaged food, protecting both fresh and processed foods from spoilage, aging and discoloration. Not a bad package…

Great-tasting plant-based foods

People are increasingly on the lookout for healthier food…but taste remains the decisive factor. DSM helps to create an enjoyable taste experience with our ModuMax® taste modulator. Manufacturers can add this to their foods that are low in sugar, salt or saturated fat; or have additional fibers or plant proteins, whilst keeping a delicious taste, flavor and mouthfeel.

The result is that people everywhere can enjoy great tasting, healthy foods and beverages – in everything from savory foods and dairy, to fast-growing markets such as sports protein drinks, meal replacement shakes, and alternative plant-based milk. A true taste of where flavor innovation is heading.

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