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Let’s bake!

We understand that creating that irresistible, just-baked experience is your ultimate goal. So, if you can bake it, we can help you improve it – from bread, buns and tortillas to cereals and bars. Our baking experts work closely with industrial bakers, bakery manufacturers and millers around the world to create products with great taste and texture – and that are healthier for both people and planet.

Our family of proven baking enzymes, preservation systems and ingredient solutions meet changing consumer needs. For example, our fortification solutions will put more goodness into your baked goods, through nutrients like vitamin D and Omega-3 that enable more attractive front-label claims.

But it doesn’t end there. With DSM you can also reduce the amount of salt, acrylamide, additives, emulsifiers and gluten in baked goods – without losing that fresh feel and mouth-watering taste. And it’s all supported by baking experts who can work with you to increase both shelf stability and production efficiency - to get more from your raw materials.

With DSM, you no longer need to choose between taste, texture and health. Enjoy it all.

Our Bakery, Cereal & Bars experts are always ready to help you

Bakery, Cereal & Bars markets


We’ll help you react fast to consumer demand for baked goods with added nutrition – and that stay fresher for longer. All while maintaining the great taste they know and love.

Cereal & Bars

If you want to fortify cereal and bars, look no further than our vast family of micronutrients and functional ingredients. They’re all scientifically proven with regulatory approval – enabling you to innovate fast.

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