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Brighter Living Solutions

Measurably better impact on the planet and people

With sustainability a key differentiator and business driver, DSM provides innovative science-based products and solutions that make a real contribution to a brighter future for people around the world, and in doing so creates a more sustainable and profitable future for itself.
Brighter Living Solutions grpahic

DSM’s Brighter Living Solutions are profitable products and innovations that have a measurably better impact on planet (formally refered to as ECO+) and/or people (formally refered to as People+) than mainstream solutions.

A product life cycle approach is used to determine if products and innovations are Brighter Living Solutions. This evaluates the product life cycle from raw material extraction, via production, manufacturing, transport and use, all the way to end of life and recycling. Environmental and social differentiators can be created in all stages of the product life cycle.

Mainstream Solutions

To qualify for Brighter Living Solutions, DSM uses Comparative Eco LCA, People LCA and/or expert opinion, based on a comparison between DSM solutions and the 'mainstream reference solution', sometimes also referred to as ‘mainstream competing solution’.

This is the most widely used alternative solution which may be a near equivalent solution of similar type or an existing solution of a different type which addresses the same market need in a different way. The most widely used alternative solution depends on assessment of the specific market situation and the relative novelty of the solution.

In exceptional circumstances, where a single ‘mainstream reference solution’ cannot be selected because of a lack of market or labelling transparency, a selection of multiple near equivalents may be chosen.


Examples of drivers that support the development of Brighter Living Solutions include:

  • Resources: efficient use, use of waste streams, avoiding scarce materials
  • Land use: higher yield with same land, use of waste streams
  • Water: more efficient, reducing water waste
  • Energy: energy efficiency, application of renewable energy
  • Emissions: reduced or avoided greenhouse gas emissions, small air particles
  • Health condition: improved health condition of end users, risk reduction of diseases
  • Comfort and wellbeing: improved perceived comfort & wellbeing, reduced noise, smell
  • Working conditions: improved working conditions, health and safety, fair wages, equal opportunities
  • Community development: job creation in the regions, improved infrastructure, education

Brighter Living Solutions contribute to DSM’s sustainable growth platforms and sustainable operations and by engaging its value chains, networks and partnerships, DSM is driving sustainable markets with a beneficial impact for all.