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From sports drinks and juices to beer and wine, we have the technology and people to help you produce a high-quality, functional, great-tasting and sustainably produced product that will delight consumers. Specialty enzymes, taste modulation & biopreservation ingredients, colorants, micronutrients and sweeteners are just some of the solutions we offer; always supported by some of the best experts in the industry.

Our Coloration Solutions bring vibrant and stable color to your products (with added health benefits); and DSM premix solutions help you innovate functional beverages with speed and confidence. What’s more, in fruit juice our enzymes can increase yield, shorten production times, clarify juice, intensify juice color, and capture more healthy antioxidants in berry juices. Or why not try our natural beverage preservation solutions that extend shelf life without compromising taste.

If you’re a beer producer, our brewing enzymes help reduce cost, gain control of the conditioning process, improve yield, and create healthier options like gluten-free and low-calorie varieties - all while producing the tastiest, most enjoyable beer. Now you no longer need to choose between taste, texture and health. Enjoy it all.

Our Beverage & Brewing experts are always ready to help you

Beverage & Brewing markets


We provide speedy, science-enabled solutions, customized ingredients and blends, and color-matching services - so that you can create differentiated beverages.


Produce beer faster, simpler, and more sustainably with our brewing enzymes. These processing aids put you in control of the brewing process no matter what your operation or raw ingredients.

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