Taste, texture and health. Enjoy it all.

Savor the flavor!

We know that creating signature savory products that delight consumers isn’t easy. But that’s exactly what we help you achieve with our broad portfolio of yeast extracts, flavors and plant proteins. Our solutions give you the flexibility and freedom to create delicious, nutritious and distinct flavor profiles with the right texture and mouthfeel, all while achieving a clean label declaration.​ Enjoy it all.

When you work with DSM you get more than ​just an ingredients supplier. You get a solutions provider, a reliable partner. ​With a strong scientific background combined with global and local knowledge, our savory experts understand your business and supply chains, and know the importance of reliability and consistency.

Whether you’re an established multinational or a start-up, we’re committed to helping you and your business grow – for example by appealing to increasingly health-conscious consumers. Not only include vegan, Kosher and Halal certified ingredients, they can also help bridge the nutrition gap in your savory products. The result: you and your customers no longer have to choose between taste, texture and health. Enjoy it all.

Our savory experts are always here to help you.

Savory applications

Our products help create the desired taste in a wide range of savory applications from soups and bouillons to meat products, meat analogues and ready meals. 


Looking for deep flavor in sauces and bouillons? We’ll help you achieve an authentic taste, while reducing both salt – and the overall cost of your recipe.

Ready Meals

From frozen pizza to instant noodles, to pasta and chilled lasagna, to meal kits and soups, our process flavors and yeast extracts put you in control when it comes to guiding taste in chilled and frozen foods.

Table sauces & condiments

Building authentic taste tailored to local preferences isn’t easy. We’ll help you do it in everything from burger and BBQ sauces, to mayonnaise and salad dressings, to snack seasonings.

Snack Seasonings

We give snacks flavor. In fact, from crisps and chips to savory crackers and cured meats, our experts help you drive taste in new directions (while at the same time reducing salt). One example is oriental-style snacks - where tiny quantities of our yeast extracts and process flavors enable a tastier, more versatile product.

Savory insights

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