Enabling passionate active lives by making health a priority

We make it possible for our customers to continue innovating and differentiating their portfolios, inspiring consumers to rethink health as a priority.

We make this happen through the widest range of consumer-inspired, science-backed targeted-health solutions - complemented by the right expertise.

Understanding the customer & consumer

Every day, we demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the fast-changing consumer trends that affect the dietary supplement market both now, and in the years ahead. For example, immunity now ranks as the top global health concern among consumers* (with concerns about sleep, eye health, mood/anxiety and stress also prominent).

Here at DSM we supply the top five ingredients associated with boosting immunity (Vitamins C, D, A & B and Omega-3).* Our goal: to provide our customers with an unfair competitive advantage. Which is why we are organized to know our customers’ business and needs intimately – and why we continuously strive to improve that understanding even further in order to keep the world’s growing population healthy.

*) Based on our DSM proprietary consumer immunity panel study in September 2020

Innovating to transform

If you want to transform the dietary supplement market, you need best-in-class innovations to achieve it. And this is precisely what we deliver through a strong and ever-broadening innovation portfolio. For example, the new and unique form of our Quali®-A, dry vitamin A delivers the highest stability performance in tablets with no preservatives or animal-derived ingredients. Our life’s™OMEGA family goes directly to the source - algae - to deliver vegetarian EPA and DHA omega-3 to support overall health throughout life. And we offer a range of other unique market forms, with new innovations in the pipeline, including Ampli-D, which is poised for launch pending regulatory approval.

An extensive, proven portfolio

We have the widest range of scientifically proven and commercially compelling solutions across the entire value chain: from ingredients to premixes to market-ready solutions. For our example, our broad range of ingredients can help to address specific consumer demands. Our premix solutions are based on a carefully customized blend of functional ingredients sourced from more than 1,400 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals; and our market-ready solutions are delivered to our customers ready to ship with their label or logo included.

Bringing customers & consumers closer together

The bottom line is that we provide world-class, end-to-end solutions for a diverse range of customers - from global to local to independents. That means facilitating the entire innovation journey, from understanding the consumer to helping deliver an appealing final product. It really is about more than just ingredients…

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    Dietary supplements

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    Support your immune system

    As a purpose-led partner engaged in keeping the world’s growing population healthy, DSM offers unique insights into the role of micronutrients in supporting the immune system.