Calorie-free sweetness, inspired by nature

Great-tasting, sustainable solutions for reducing sugar

A science-based solution

As consumers worldwide continue to watch their calorie intake and strive to live a healthier lifestyle, food and beverage manufacturers are in need of great-tasting, zero-calorie sweeteners to help them achieve these goals. To meet this demand, Avansya, a joint venture between Cargill and DSM, produces stevia sweeteners by fermentation. This gives consumers the calorie-free sweetness they love, and food and beverage manufacturers an even more scalable, sustainable and low cost-in-use solution than if these molecules were extracted from the stevia leaf.

A team effort

In 2018, Cargill and DSM, two global leaders in the food industry, joined forces to establish the Avansya joint venture and bring zero-calorie, great-tasting sweeteners to market faster and more effectively. This partnership combines DSM’s leading biotech know-how and fermentation expertise with Cargill’s global commercial footprint and application expertise in sweeteners, as well as its large-scale fermentation capacity, making sugar reduction a sustainable and affordable reality.

EVERSWEET™ Stevia Sweetener

EVERSWEET™ is a non-artificial, zero-calorie sweetener with a next generation clean taste profile and sugar-like sweetness. The new sweetener sustainably and cost-effectively brings to market the best tasting components of the stevia leaf - the steviol glycosides Reb M and Reb D - which constitute less than 0.1% of the leaf by weight. EVERSWEET’s next-generation clean taste profile is well suited for use in products such as yogurt, chocolate milk, soft drinks, cereals, bars, and confections, enabling up to 100% sugar reduction, depending on the application. 

Finding the sweet spot

Delivering the products and brands that consumers love, with significantly reduced calories, is no easy task. Sugar-reduction and reformulation in dairy, (alcoholic) beverages, cereals and bars, confectionary, and the flavor industry, calls for deep knowledge of each application, as well as a thorough understanding of taste preferences and trends. Through DSM and Cargill, we can offer unrivalled support to help brand owners find the winning sweet spot in any application.


With EVERSWEET, we can enable food & beverage brands to provide consumers around the world with reduced- and zero-calorie options with no compromise on taste, and so help support good health and well-being in our societies.


The market for high intensity sweeteners produced by fermentation is expected to exceed $3 billion by 2025. Avansya is well positioned to capitalize on the significant potential of this market.

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