Annual General Meeting 2018

Resolutions and votes cast

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2018

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) took place on Wednesday 9 May 2018 at DSM’s head office in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

The shareholders or shareholder representatives attending the meeting represented 65.96% of the issued share capital entitled to vote. There is one vote per share and all the resolutions were approved.

Agenda item 2

The Managing Board explained the Annual Report for 2017.

Agenda item 3

The implementation of the New Dutch Corporate Governance Code was discussed.

Agenda item 4

The implementation in 2017 of the remuneration policy for the Managing Board was discussed.

Agenda item 5

The Financial Statements for 2017 were adopted.

%99.690.31 100.00

Agenda item 6a

The reserve policy and dividend policy were explained.

Agenda item 6b

The dividend per ordinary share to be paid for 2017 being €1.85 was adopted.

%99.980.02 100.00

Agenda item 7a

The members of the Managing Board were released from liability in respect of their managerial activities.

%99.060.94 100.00

Agenda item 7b

The members of the Supervisory Board were released from liability in respect of their supervisory role.

%99.060.94 100.00

Agenda item 8

Geraldine Matchett was reappointed as member of the Managing Board.

%100.000.00 100.00

Agenda item 9

Rob Routs was reappointed as member of the Supervisory Board.

%84.7315.27 100.00

Agenda item 10

The external auditor was reappointed.

%99.920.08 100.00

Agenda item 11a

The period during which the Managing Board is authorized to issue ordinary shares was extended.

%87.5612.44 100.00

Agenda item 11b

The period during which the Managing Board is authorized to limit or exclude the preferential right when issuing ordinary shares was extended.

%76.3523.65 100.00

Agenda item 12

Authorization was granted to the Managing Board to have the company repurchase own shares.

%99.390.61 100.00

Agenda item 13

The meeting resolved to reduce the issued capital by cancellation of own shares up to a maximum of the number that is or will be bought by the company.

%99.960.04 100.00

Agenda item 14

The amendment of the Articles of Association was adopted.

%100.000.00 100.00

Published 09 May 2018

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