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FloraGLO® Lutein

Lutein is a yellow pigment found in many plants – particularly the marigold.

FloraGLO® lutein is the most clinically researched lutein brand worldwide - manufactured by Kemin Health and formulated by DSM as part of an exclusive strategic alliance.

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Lutein is a structural isomer that belongs to the carotenoid family. Carotenoids are synthesized by plants for coloration and absorption of light.

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Of the 600-plus carotenoids found in nature, only lutein and zeaxanthin and their metabolites are located in macula of the eye, where they are found in the highest concentration anywhere in the human body - suggesting an important biological role for these molecules.

FloraGLO® is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.

Key benefits

Lutein absorbs blue light and acts as ‘internal sunglasses’ that may reduce photochemical damage caused by short-wavelength visible light.

Consuming lutein – though green leafy vegetables or dietary supplements – increases Macular Pigment Optical Density (MPOD) in human eyes; which in turn decreases the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Age-related Macular degeneration (AMD)

AMD is a disease of the central retina that generally affects people aged over 55. Causes include environmental factors (nutrition, UV light exposure), risk factors (aging, hypertension, and smoking) and genetic predispositions.

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Lutein (together with zeaxanthin) has a well-founded biologic rational including its high density in the macula, ability to filter short-wavelength light, and protection from free radical formation in the macula. A growing body of research indicates that high intake of lutein and zeaxanthin may play a role in lowering the risk of AMD – the most common cause of blindness in the elderly in the western world.

Visual Performance

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Visual Performance is all about how well we see fine details; distinguish between different objects (contrast); and recover sight after a flash of bright light. Emerging evidence points to the role lutein and zeaxanthin play in visual performance. They form a filter (macula pigment) over the part of the retina responsible for detailed vision.

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This filter blocks out blue light and haze from strong light – which increases the eyes’ tolerance to bright lights. Supplementation with the macular pigments has the potential to improve vision in our daily lives, particularly when our eyes are challenged by intense light such as glare from the sun, a camera flash, or blinding headlights at night.

Skin Health

Recent human studies demonstrate that lutein also has skin health benefits, providing protection from the harmful effects of sunlight and enhancing skin hydration and elasticity.


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We provide FloraGLO® Lutein in various forms. All products provide excellent flowability and uniform particle size for ease of formulation. ForaGLO® also offers superior stability, greater nutrient absorption and very low extrusion losses. This means lower overages, smaller tablets and higher yields, saving time and money. FloraGLO® beadlet product forms use special Actilease® technology developed to maximize nutrient absorption and optimize bioavailability.

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FloraGLO® product forms:

  • 20% liquid for soft gelatine capsules
  • 5% and 10% beadlets for tablets, hard-shell capsules, effervescents and fortification of beverages, bars and other selected foods.

Hear their stories

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Professional athletes are convinced of the visual performance benefits of lutein and zeaxanthin.