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Oat beta-glucan – a “magic”  fiber with proven health benefits. 

The Nordic climate provides cool summers which are high in precipitation and provide long hours of daylight during the growing and harvest season. This climate is ideal for the growth of oats, Avena sativa L. Many clinical studies have substantiated the health benefits of OatWell® oat ß-glucan in human nutrition. The beta glucans found in oats are soluble fibers that occur naturally in the grain. Oat ß-glucan (1 -3 & 1 - 4 linked) constitutes the main component of the soluble dietary fiber content of oats. Not all dietary fibers provide the same physiological benefits. Expert opinions such as (EFSA, FDA) will aid physicians and other healthcare professionals in guiding individuals to make appropriate food selections to increase oat beta-glucan in their diet. 


Not all dietary fibers provide the same physiological benefits. The all natural oat beta-glucan is an ideal fiber to lower the risks of cardiovascular disease because it helps lower cholesterol levels and control blood glucose. Improvement of bowel function and satiety control are other benefits. It is vital for health conscious people to select the right dietary fiber to deliver the desired health benefits.

Cholesterol lowering 


Bioactive oat beta-glucan has been proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease. This benefit is achieved with a daily intake of 3g bioactive oat beta-glucan and the claim can be used for foods containing at least 1g per serving.


Glucose control and energy release


The reduction of post-prandial glycaemic response is a result of carbohydrate metabolism and is linked to insulin sensitivity. These are critical in the management of impaired glucose tolerance, common in obesity. This benefit is achieved when products contain at least 4g of bioactive  oat beta-glucan for each 30g of available carbohydrate per meal.

Promotes digestive health

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Oats offer the unique combination of both bioactive* soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. The effect is to promote gut health via the improvement of bowel function resulting from increased faecal bulk. The benefit is achieved when a product contains at least 6g of oat grain fiber per 100g or 3g per 100 kcal.

Satiety control


Studies with the specific outcome of weight and appetite control are currently examining the concept that bioactive oat beta-glucan can promote these positive outcomes. Studies show that a benefit may be achieved with a daily intake of 3 – 4g bioactive oat beta-glucan.