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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements


MEG-3® fish oil is the most trusted source of EPA and DHA omega-3 from fish oil – without the fishy taste or smell. MEG-3® is purified for safety, concentrated for potency and sustainably sourced from clean, omega-3 rich ocean fish. 
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MEG-3® – Highest Quality & Purity

MEG-3® fish oil is the highest quality available. With more than 200 quality checks during manufacturing; MEG-3® products meet or exceed global hygiene, quality and purity industry standards.

MEG-3® – Sustainable Source

We support a renewable, sustainable environment by sourcing fish for MEG-3® oils from regulated fisheries where equipment, practices and procedures are in place to protect fish stocks. The fish oil we use is sourced from a variety of wild fish species and is a by-product of either the fishmeal or edible canning industries. No fish are caught for the exclusive production of oil. We also turn fish oil processing waste into biofuel to operate our state-of-the-art fish oil production facility in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia. 


Every day the research on omega-3 EPA and DHA grows as scientific researchers examine new potential benefits associated with fish oil consumption. While the science is still emerging in some areas, the research supporting the benefits of omega-3 EPA and DHA for heart health is strong.

The omega-3 s EPA and DHA have been the focus of cardiovascular research for several decades.  Numerous observational and randomized clinical trials have shown EPA/DHA intake reduces cardiovascular risk via reduction of blood triglycerides (TGs), resting heart rate, blood pressure and inflammation and improved vascular function. The strongest evidence for EPA/DHA is for reduction of coronary heart disease (CHD) death and sudden cardiac death (SCD), with the latter being attributed to the antiarrhythmic effects of omega-3s.

Numerous clinical studies show that EPA and DHA dose-dependently lower plasma triglyceride levels. These heart-friendly fatty acids are thought to work by dampening production of triglycerides and VLDL in the liver. They can also increase HDL-cholesterol concentrations and improve the LDL/HDL ratio. EPA and DHA provide a desirable shift in the LDL particle size and buoyancy, changing from a small dense particle  to a bigger more buoyant particle, a shift that is believed to be cardioprotective.


In order to produce premium quality, pure fish oil and Omega-3 powder, excellent starting material along with state-of-the-art technology and engineering systems are required. Prior to purchase, 100% of DSM’s starting material undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the company’s strict quality standards. Then, the fish oil undergoes a series of processes, including molecular distillation, designed to result in ultra-pure, high quality fish oil, while taking great care to minimize the potential for oxidative damage.

Powder-loc™ Technology

Powder-loc is an innovative microencapsulation technology that has revolutionized the ability of food manufacturers to use fish oil as a healthy food ingredient. It uses a double shell protection system to keep the EPA and DHA locked into the microcap while keeping the smell and taste of fish locked out of the food.

Trust the Potency

DSM offers a variety of MEG-3® brand Omega-3 fish oil ingredients including food-grade oil, MEG-3® Emulsion liquid food ingredient and MEG-3® microencapsulated powder format using our patented Powder-loc® technology, available in EPA/DHA and DHA only.

Other offerings include:

  • MEG-3® 30 – containing 30% EPA+DHA
  • MEG-3® Concentrates – containing up to 70%EPA+DHA, available in both ethyl-ester (EE) and triglyceride (TG) forms
  • Super deodorized format for improved sensory qualities
  • Microencapsulated powder format using our patented Powder-loc™ technology
  • Freshness minimal oxidation
  • Kosher and Halal