Combat the seasonal cold/flu epidemic with safe and effective micronutrients

A strong immune system is the body’s defense against non-desirable and illness-causing agents like microbes and viruses. Furthermore, a strong immune system is indispensable to effectively manage and recover once infected. Several micronutrients such as vitamins A, B6C, D and E, omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), selected trace elements, such as zinc and selenium, and polyphenols support the development and maintenance of a strong immune system. Therefore, adequate intake and consumption of these micronutrients are a cost-effective and efficient way to boost immunity. The below whitepaper elaborates on the role of each of them play in favor of the human immune system. 

We share a mission to help keep the world’s growing population healthy. It takes more than ingredients to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace; it takes a partner. From concept to consumption, see how our innovative, science-based health and nutrition solutions and expert services can meet the needs of your target consumers. Contact us to discuss how we can together raise the profile of the essential micronutrients in supporting a healthy immune system. 

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Protection from within: helping consumers support their immunity

Nutritional Solutions for Immunity

Protection against disease is not a concern limited to the later stages of life. In fact, immunity is the number one global health concern that parents have for their children. Inspired by consumer needs, DSM's Targeted Health Solutions include Optimize Your Immunity, with nutritional solutions like Quali®-C. As one of the leading vitamin providers in the world, DSM offers over 15 forms of vitamin C and is the only producer of vitamin C in the Western world.

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