DSM at in-cosmetics Global 2023

Greenlighting the truth for brighter solutions

in-cosmetics Global 2023

28 - 30 March, 2023

Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

About the event

in-cosmetics Global 2023 is the meeting place driving innovation and development through the entire cosmetics sector worldwide. This year, the multicity annual trade show took place between 28 to 30 March 2023 in Fira Barcelona Gran Via. 

We showcased our sustainable, science-backed innovative solutions, including a brand-new lineup spanning four market applications and supported by our expert DSM services.

Nowadays, people’s awareness is becoming increasingly green as well as their choices, not just for their own future, but for the generations to come. In our seemingly connected yet polarized society, consumers are searching for the truth. Most find misinformation instead. When it comes to personal care products, this means false claims and sustainability promises that don’t hold up.

At DSM we want to greenlight the truth. At a time when sustainability claims are under a microscope, facts and the transparency to support them are the key to earning trust. For us, this means partnering with our customers to educate and inspire using our expertise and experience in providing science-backed personal care innovations. This also means offering sustainable ingredients supported by facts, paired with our commitment to helping customers develop solutions that tell their story.

At the Sensory Bar, we showed off our multifunctional eco-solutions that deliver a wonderful sensory experience, while at the Innovation Zone we showcased our newest product launches in skin and sun care: PEPHA-TIGHT® CB, and PARSOL® DHHB. And at this year’s new Sustainability Zone, we shared DSM's Biotechnologies Enabling Sustainability Solutions and our experts gave a talk on ‘Biotech – the backbone of sustainable solutions.’

In-Fact is a line that contains the most important element for more conscious choices: the truth behind the labels. More than high-performance ingredients, the line combines the best of science, research and leadership in sustainable innovation in skin care, sunscreen, makeup and hair care products. Solutions built on the latest trends and facts to deliver truly greener choices and visible effects.

It is the result of DSM's commitment to always stand by its partners at all times, to build trust and co-create the future of cosmetics.

Discover new ingredients and scientific findings featured at this year’s in-cosmetics Global 2023:

DSM at the Sensory Bar: presenting our innovative personal care formulations

Eco-solutions for a wonderful sensory experience.
Multifunctional solutions, formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, for a unique sensory experience. With pleasing and innovative textures, the solutions provide comfort and well-being for your skin, sun, and hair routines.

Our line-up includes:

  • Ingredients with natural origin and evidence based eco scores.
  • Ingredients which nurture and strengthen skin, scalp and hair for consistent and visible results, providing a radiant look.
  • Multifunctional and hybrid formats which meet the main demands of care and protection against daily urban aggressions.

Try it and feel the truth behind the labels.

Download formulations

Take a closer look at some of the formulations showcased at in-cosmetics Global 2023.

DSM at the Sustainability Zone

Biotech – the backbone of sustainable solutions

What’s next for sustainable solutions in personal care? Discover how DSM is playing its part: Building a sustainable, future-proof portfolio and ensuring transparency helps meet customers’ expectations.

DSM, a purpose-led, performance-driven company, is fast growing its science-backed, sustainable portfolio. This means leveraging our biotech capability to produce renewable and highly effective solutions while ensuring customers have the information they need to easily make informed choices. This includes our Imp'Act Cardᵀᴹ that discloses our ingredients’ sustainability information at every point in the value chain.

Download the presentation to find out more about our biotech and green chemistry capability and supply chain transparency, and what it all means for the future of personal care.


Meriem Saber, Sustainability Manager
Dr. Mathias Gempeler, Head of Science and Promotion Skin Care

Presentations at in-cosmetics Global 2023