Sun protection your senses will love


Turning Sun Protection into a daily indulgence

Our Personal Care and Perfumery teams have joined forces - combining Personal Care’s expertise, reputation, and unrivalled UV portfolio, with Perfumery’s leadership and craftsmanship for scents and fragrance technologies. 

This opens up new opportunities for sensory innovation, allowing us to engage touch, sight and smell to deliver lightweight textures, invisible SPF protection, tangible skin benefits and captivating fragrances that will make Sun Protection a daily indulgence!


Let's talk consumer trends


of female suncare buyers are interested in buying suncare products that smell like their favourite fragrance

More discerning customers are looking for alternatives to products that feel unpleasant on the skin and seek products that fit their bespoke preferences.

According to a Mintel study from 2023, 31% of female suncare buyers are interested in purchasing sun protection that smells like their favorite fragrance.

Adding scents to suncare products expands the sensorial experience thus transforming suncare application into a pleasant daily ritual.


of suncare consumers claim texture is the most important aspect when buying a suncare product

At dsm-firmenich we strive to act in anticipation of an ever-changing market. When it comes to suncare, it’s probably one of the more complicated relationships between understanding the rationale behind the importance of using sun protection, and not following through.

Historically, sunscreens have been quick to clog pores, feel greasy on the skin, and leave a white or gray cast over darker skin tones. Not surprisingly, texture represents one of the important purchase drivers.

For products with added skin care benefits:

33% are willing to pay more

47% would increase usage

Then there is the skin care aspect that suncare offers, with products getting more sophisticated in terms of formulations, blurring the lines between what’s a skin-care solution and sun protection. Hybrid formulas are more desirable, obtained by integrating skincare ingredients and claims into performance-based concepts that enhance the benefits of sun protection. The latest in sun care formulas offer added benefits and advantages, such as anti-aging properties, deep moisturization, and improved skin health, alongside UV and SPF protection. A whopping 47% of consumers (according to Mintel) would increase sun care usage and 33% are willing to pay more for products that address multiple skin needs.

All this data points to one thing - consumers are ready to use the sunscreen that is right for them. So it’s time to create a suncare formulation that consumers love applying on their skin every day.

At dsm-firmenich, we join forces to deliver the most effective, sensorial, and pleasurable range of sun protection solutions.

Introducing Sunsense3

Sunsense3 is a 360 product line-up that pushes the boundaries of traditional suncare with uniquely crafted products that activate all senses . Sunsense3 elevates each sun care application and transforms UV protection into a daily indulgence.

Products are for illustration only, not for sale. dsm-firmenich is not responsible for final products claims.

A true multi-sensorial experience!


We believe suncare should be an indulgent experience; one filled with velvety-smooth textures, invisible finishes, and effortless applications. All Sunsense3 formulations are defined by innovative, light, easily spread textures.


Consumers want invisible Sun Protection products that fit every skin tone and do not leave visible ashy, white layers on their skin. Consumers also care about aging and want to avoid age spots and collagen loss. So we responded with heavy-duty, broad-spectrum UV protection that answers the needs of all skin types.


We are on a mission to create solutions that transform sun care into an opulent daily routine. Our 125 years of experience lend to the creation of delightful fragrances that have a positive effect on consumer emotions on application. We use our cutting-edge Emotiwaves™ technology to test for brain activity using an fMRI methodology to understand exactly what emotions are elicited by our fragrances .

Cutting-edge technology, high SPF protection, and skin-nourishing ingredients are at the core of each Sunsense3 concept, created to activate all senses and fit different lifestyles, consumer preferences, and ethnicities

Fresh Sun Lotion Cooling Effect Fluid Lotion 50+

Our Fresh Sun Lotion Cooling Effect Fluid Lotion 50+ is designed to simultaneously cool and protect skin. This light and non-greasy formula absorbs quickly while replenishing lost moisture during sun exposure thanks to our hydration artist, PENTAVITIN®.⁠ The cooling sensation is the result of our unique Seaside Oxygen Infusion fragrance that takes inspiration from long walks by the sea and gives the impression of a fresh oxygen boost. This unisex fragrance is designed with our innovative FREEZEBLAST® technology to augment the cooling sensation.

Whether on the beach or not, our powerhouse of 5 PARSOL® UV filters absorb the sun’s rays like a sponge and protect your skin from damage like fine lines, pigmentation, uneven skin texture, big pores, and collagen loss.

Green Sun - High Protection Fluid Lotion SPF 50+

We are proud to design products that deliver tangible results using only the best eco-friendly ingredients and the latest generation of bioengineered actives. Green Sun - High Protection Fluid Lotion SPF 50+ is made with our hand-selected, benefits-dense, sustainable ingredients chosen to actively protect the skin against harmful UV rays, hydrate, and safeguard against free radicals, all while leaving a fresh, non-greasy feeling upon application.

The 5 PARSOL® UV Filters Complex are mixed with our superhero ingredients TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™, ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB, and PENTAVITIN®. Rounded up with a 100% natural, biodegradable fragrance created around quenching green notes of aloe vera, bamboo, and cactus made with ingredients from green chemistry.

Energizing sport - Sun cream SPF 50

Strenuous outdoor activities require a strong sunscreen to match. A lifesaver for those who want to conquer the world the Energizing sport - Sun Cream SPF 50 is the best sun-shield ally.

The high coverage, broad spectrum protection achieved by combining 5 of our most celebrated UV filters (PARSOL® Shield, PARSOL® 1789, PARSOL® EHT, PARSOL® EHS, PARSOL® Max) is perfect for being active outdoors. The formulation has a dry finish, while the addition of ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB protects the skin against oxidative stress and external damaging factors like pollution.

To match the energy of the product, a reinvigorating citrus aromatic fragrance with a fresh and subtle floral signature was integrated into the formulation and is designed to elicit an energizing emotion (as tested for brain activity using our fMRI methodology, Emotiwaves™). This product slides easily it in a gym bag or pocket, so your consumers are all set to face the sun!

Energizing Extreme Sport - Sun cream & Odor control SPF 50

Staying outdoors for prolonged durations without protection can increase the risk of skin conditions such as premature aging, sunburn, melasma, and dark spots. Considerably, athletes and people who spend a significant amount of their time under the sun for outdoor activities are more likely at risk than others.

But every problem comes with a solution. Your consumers don’t have to limit their time outdoors, they just need to include sunscreen in their routine. Here’s a formulation that is meant for even more strenuous exercise. It feels moisturizing on the skin and it’s kind to the environment, whilst providing maximum UVA and UVB protection thanks to our PARSOL® UV filters Complex .

Plus, it is infused with our Odor Control Technology tested against sweat and body malodours, called DeodEclyx® R. So no matter how intense an exercise routine gets, this product has got everyone covered. Not only does it control odor, but it has a delightful unisex fragrance with aromatic structure and floral tonalities designed to elicit an energizing emotion to match.

Sensual Glow Skin - Shimmer Effect Fluid Lotion 50+

Experience superior sun defense with our eco-friendly sunscreen – boasting high protection, a non-greasy formula, and a sensual shimmer effect on the skin.

At the base, we have the 5 PARSOL® UV Filter Complex for effective broad-spectrum protection, alongside ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB to help the skin barrier and enhance the skin’s resistance to external stress factors.

We took the luxurious experience to the next level by adding our lavish Sun-Kissed Elegance fragrance inbued with sensual notes of Bergamot, Peach, Ylang and Dreamwood™ ingredient. Inspired by Mysore’s sandalwood, Dreamwood™ offers the signature mystical, creamy olfactive warmth with demonstrated cosmetic benefits that soothe the skin. What’s really exciting about this fragrance is that it delivers a positive impact on the planet, by being 100% natural, 100% renewable carbon, and ultimately biodegradable.

Sun & Fun - Fluid Lotion SPF 50+

The sun is energy, not our enemy - so we’re giving SPF a new meaning! Your consumers can find joy in everyday adventures and go wherever the day takes them because we’ll keep their skin protected every step of the way.

The Sun & Fun - Fluid Lotion SPF 50+ is an exciting featherlight fluid lotion that is fun to apply and leaves an inspirational fragrance reminiscent of having fun drinking a cocktail on the beach. It features a pineapple smell enhanced by our Smell-the-Taste™ technology that expresses tastes into vivid fragrances thanks to the synergy expertise of our flavorists and perfumers.

The unique needs of dry skin are not overlooked, as the addition of PENTAVITIN® provides fast-acting and long-term hydration. ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB is added for anti-pollution care, TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ gives the formulation its unique texture, and our PARSOL® series of UV filters safeguard our skin’s health and beauty under the sun.

Urban Relax - UV Shield Stick SPF30

This waterless formulation is perfect for a relaxing day outside. It’s easy to carry, easy to use, no rub-in is necessary, and it applies transparently on the skin. Plus, the compact size is ideal for quick touch-ups.

It’s been enhanced with Vitamin E for neutralizing free radicals that are created by UV exposure and attach to healthy cells, causing damage. Combined with our UV filter trifecta: PARSOL® Shield, PARSOL® 1789, and PARSOL® EHT.

What better way to round up the formulation than by adding a soft aromatic floral note that elicits a feeling of relaxation.

Relaxing Day Care Cream Minimalistic SPF 30

The best pair for our Urban Relax UV Shield Stick SPF30, the Relaxing Day Cream is an indulgent, sustainable formulation that features a combination of 3 highly effective UV filters:

PARSOL® Shield - a photostable broad-spectrum UVB and UVA filter effective at low concentrations; PARSOL® 1789 - an organic UV filter providing significant UVA protection; and PARSOL® EHT - an organic UV-filter for minimal environmental impact and maximum safeguarding against UVB. Delivered with TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™, an 100% bio-sourced microbiome-friendly sensory enhancer and actives carrier, and topped off with the same soft aromatic floral notes that elicit a deep feeling of relaxation.

Focus on Sustainability

Our formulation philosophy is firmly guided by our pledge to sustainability. The Sunsense3 line-up is backed by our essential practice of designing every product to minimize the environmental impact.

By mixing organic, natural, and biotech ingredients, we focus on what performs on the highest level, backed by science, and leaves the smallest impact on our planet, backed by research. Let’s look at some of the products individually to prove it.

Urban Relax UV Shield Stick - contains our DL Alpha Tocopherol Acetate which is one of the lowest carbon footprint Vitamin E on the market thanks to our optimized production processes that make use of renewable energy.

Relaxing Minimalistic Day Care Cream - contains TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™, the first made-in-Europe cosmetic 1,3-propanediol, 100% bio-sourced from non-GMO and palm oil-free feedstocks.

Energizing Sports Sun Care Cream & Energizing Extreme Sports Sun Cream & Odor Control - both contain sustainable activities with multiple green claims including the fact that they are made from biotechnology, are responsibly produced, and with low carbon footprints. For example, HYA-ACT™ is obtained by bio-fermentation. And ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB is part of our Farming for Beauty™ program which has been developed to help you reassure your consumers that their beauty ingredients have been produced sustainably and in line with the highest ethical principles.

Green Sun, Fresh Sun, Sensual Glow Skin, and Fun in the Sun - all these products contain TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™, ALPAFLOR® EDELWEISS CB, and PENTAVITIN® which are all natural ingredients, responsibly produced, and with a low carbon footprint.