NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2023

NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2024

Thank you for joining us at Suppliers' Day 2024!

May 1-2, 2024
Jacob Javits Center, NYC

For us, 'progress' isn't just a buzzword—it's our promise, sealed with the most advanced Skin Care science, newest UV Filter, and inclusive Hair Care solutions from Scalp to Tip.

Science is Believing - as the beauty industry evolves, so does the consumer's quest for knowledge. From knowing what ingredients are efficacious to grasping the science that makes them work, we meet this demand with transparent, scientifically backed and clinically proven innovation.

The fountain of youth isn’t a myth, it’s science.

Senolytics is the new frontier in skin care. Uncover game-changing efficacy in our newest launch, ETERWELL™ YOUTH, in-Cosmetics Global 2024 Best Active Ingredient Gold Award winner. This 100% natural and organic solution works at the cellular level to revert skin damage induced by zombie cells, reversing skin appearance by 6 years in just 2 weeks, and 9 years in just 3 months.

Meet the new UV Filter on the block

Set to redefine skin protection in 2025, PARSOL® Shield will be the first new UV Filter to hit the US market in over 25 years.

PARSOL® Shield, the most efficient UVA-UVB filter with broad-spectrum performance even at low levels, has an excellent eco-profile, enabling the creation of more sustainable sunscreens.

PARSOL® Shield can be used across a full range of applications and has great photostability, is microbiome friendly, and can be combined with mineral UV filters to reduce white cast, so it’s suitable for the development of formulations for different skin types.

It will be the first UV filter to be fully tested according to FDA's sunscreen GRASE guidelines for OTC drugs, which means our specifications will be standard for the market.

And since PARSOL® Shield is already approved in other regions, you’ll be able to create a global chassis.

The time to get your formulations ready is now!

The Power of One

Discover Perfumery & Beauty, the power of one with Skin, Sun & Hair Care lines formulated with our innovative ingredients and fragrance technologies:

Discover Sunsense3, sun protection your senses will love
Our Personal Care and Perfumery teams have joined forces - combining Personal Care’s expertise, reputation, and unrivalled UV portfolio, with Perfumery’s craftsmanship for scents. This opens up new opportunities for sensory innovation, allowing us to engage touch, sight and smell to deliver lightweight textures, invisible sun care protection, tangible skin benefits and captivating fragrances.

Experience Ulocks, with double lock power for a double dose of pleasure
Introducing the dsm-firmenich textured hair care line, an easy routine with vitamins, natural origin actives and pleasurable fragrance, which ensures deep care and continuous freshness for textured hair in just a few simple steps. An extraordinary ritual that combines high performance with delightful sensations to celebrate the uniqueness of your hair.