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ETERWELL™ YOUTH : THE holistic solution for healthy ageing skin, acting on the cellular level, efficient on any skin types, ethnicities and for any age, gender. It acts at the root cause of ageing: clearing senescent (zombie) cells. This patented active, 100% of natural origin, produced from a rare plant, alpine willowherb, helps rejuvenate the healthy skin appearance, revert the skin damage induced by senescent cells. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps increase the skin elasticity and smoothness with a better skin structure. It is Cosmos, Natrue organic and Fair for Life fair trade certified.

Product Features

  • INCI Name (active): Epilobium Fleischeri Leaf/Stem Extract
  • Unique rare alpine species sustainably and organically cultivated in ancient glacier moraine
  • Standardized in flavonoids (calculated as Myricitrin)
  • 100% of natural origin (according to ISO16128)
  • Holistic sustainability: organic, traceable, low environmental impact and fairtrade certified extract
  • Patent application
  • True senolytic active: Clears in vitro senescent cells in excess (by 52% at 0.03% ETERWELL™ YOUTH)
  • Innovative assay on real-time apoptosis of senescent cells: nice visualization with holotomography microscope in vitro
  • Reduces ex vivo the senescent markers: p21 and p16
  • Reduces ex vivo SASPs
  • Exceptional synergetic effect with retinol booster such as TGF-b and retinol

*:in vitro **:in vivo


  • Holistic healthy ageing - acts at the cellular level*
  • Helps revert skin damage induced by zombie cells
  • Helps restore and boost collagen ex vivo
  • Helps slow down the premature ageing of skin
  • Reverses the skin appearance by 2 years after 2 weeks and 6 years after 3 months in vivo
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in vivo
  • Helps increase skin elasticity and skin smoothness in vivo
  • Provides a rejuvenated skin appearance with vibrant healthy looking-skin


  • COSMOS ETERWELL™ YOUTH: Certified as 19.86 % organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard available at 100 % of the total ingredients are from Natural Origin
  • NATRUE ETERWELL™ YOUTH complies with the NATRUE criteria 7 % Natural (98 % Organic), 23 % Water, 69 % Derived natural
  • FAIR for LIFE ETERWELL™ YOUTH: 19.85% of the total ingredients and 31.89% of the certifiable agricultural ingredients are Fair Trade certified according to the Fair for Life standard available at

Mode of Action

ETERWELL™ YOUTH is acting at the root cause of ageing .

First it strongly reduces the number of senescent cells in excess in the epidermis and in the dermis (in vitro and ex-vivo), dropping the senescent markers such as p16 and p21 (ex vivo)

Consequently the SASPs (Senescent-associated secretory phenotype) are also reduced such as IL-1 (in vitro)

Finally the zombie cells are replaced by high performing cells, leading to increase key compounds such as collagen (+44% collagen ex vivo with 1% ETERWELL™ YOUTH)

Key scientific results

ETERWELL™ YOUTH at 3% significantly improves the skin texture (skin smoothness) by 24% after only 2 weeks corresponding to a skin physiological age looking 2 years younger and even 6 years younger after 3 months.

Improvement showed by the increase of vertical lines and the depth of those crossing the horizontal ones. More lines indicate more structured skin, which is lost at older age.

ETERWELL™ YOUTH at 3% significantly reduces the crows feet wrinkle after 3 months (-17% volume and -11% depth).

A holistic sustainable solution

Naturality with no compromise on people and planet

Biodiversity protection:
Preserving Swiss alpine biodiversity though organic cultivation and sustainable land use. Cosmo/Natrue certified ingredient

Regenerative farming:
Aligned with the Union Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) Regenerative Farming (beyond responsible sourcing and ethical practices); focuses on improving soil resporation, water purification, maintenance or biodiversity, and enhanced climate resilience.

Responsible sourcing
Fair for Life fair trade certified. Transparent and traceable supply chain from seeds to bioactive; ethical relationship with small stakeholders. Guarenteed minimum price for farmer, fixed before the harvesting season.

Limted environmental impact
Low carbon footprint with less than 3kg CO2eq/kg; application of green chemistry principles and gentle extraction process using organic ethanol.

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