Body Care Formulations

Taking care of your body with our novel formulations


Our dedicated team of sensory experts works to verify sensory claims for different formulations, for example, while concepts such as CORNEOCARE™ or House of Naturals and our ready-to-use body care formulations have been developed to inspire customers and deliver on specific skin care needs.

Body Care Formulations

  • After Depilation Balm formulation

    This agreeable balm shows anti-irritant activity and restores the skin’s protective lipid layer. IRICALMIN PF skin bioactive gives the skin all the conditioning benefits it needs after a depilation.

  • After sun cooling spray formulation

    After sun cooling spray formulation to take care after sun exposure and to minimize the appearance of ageing, featuring the algae skin care ingredient PEPHA®-AGE and vitamins.

  • Auto bronzing gel formulation

    This clear gel skin and body care formulation shows with the help of the cosmetic ingredient ERYTHRULOSE a deep natural long-lasting tan. Easy to formulate with a soft skin feeling.

  • Gentle Shower Gel formulation

    This new gentle shower gel formulation features our star natural moisturizing ingredient PENTAVITIN® and TILAMAR® conditioning polymers.

  • Hand and nail lotion formulation

    This hand and nail lotion formulation combines effective natural skin bioactives PENTAVITIN®, STIMU-TEX® AS and life’s GLA™ '10' n-6 Oil to soften the hands, nails and cuticles.

  • Soap Base Shower Gel formulation

    This new soap base shower gel formulation features our new conditioning polymer TILAMAR® Quat 711, a product with broad pH tolerance, stable viscosity and good compatibility with surfactants.

  • Total Repair Foot Cream formulation

    This total repair foot cream formulation features our natural skin moisturizing bioactive PENTAVITIN® to ensure immediate and long lasting moisturization to the feet.

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