spark the senses: dsm-firmenich at in-cosmetics Global 2024

spark the sense​s at in-cosmetics Global 2024

This world can be a busy, challenging place. The pressures we bear, and the different concerns we must deal with, can show themselves through our face, hair and skin.

It’s time to restore the balance of wellbeing and self-confidence by owning the skin and hair that we want to have, rather than just reflecting how the world makes us feel.

The best way to achieve this is to spark the senses.

When our senses are invigorated, we can start to reawaken a deeper appreciation of ourselves and our world through the way we feel and project ourselves.

Innovations and solutions

At dsm-firmenich, our world never stands still. We are constantly bringing progress to life by combining the essential, the desirable and the sustainable, like the exciting innovations and solutions that we introduced at in-cosmetics Global 2024 for skin care, sun care, and hair care.

dsm-firmenich, bringing progress to life and making a positive impact on people and planet, together with our customers.

Skin Care

Discover a new life for your skin with ETERWELL™ YOUTH, unlock your skin’s longevity with SYN-UP® and prioritize your health and well-being with our AROMActive range.


With time and exposure to life’s stressors, the natural skin renewal processes wanes triggering inefficiencies and damages at cellular level, resulting in an unhealthy-look.

In this context, unproductive cells, which can no longer produce Collagen, are no longer naturally removed, but remain (like zombies) and clutter the environment, inducing the appearance of skin damage and premature aging.

ETERWELL™ YOUTH is the holistic solution for healthy looking skin, it selectively removes the dermo-destructive senescence cells, addressing the root causes of premature aging.


Over time external stressors can have a major impact on overall skin balance, triggering multiple damages and affecting skin functionality.

As a results skin becomes more fragile, dry and prone to sensitization, loses its vitality and firmness…in short looks unhealthy. SYN-UP® is the peptide ingredient for multiple skin benefits across skin layers. The key to unlock skin’s own true potential from within.

By rebalancing Plasmin levels, this smart dipeptide improves the barrier functionality, combats skin dryness, sensitivity and redness, protects collagen against degradation and promotes an even skin tone to leave skin looking smoother and firmer.


Consumers prioritize health and well-being and are looking for products with efficient natural, organic ingredients; they also believe in the healing and mood boosting properties of essential oils.

Enter our AROMActive range of formulations that combine personal care’s powerful and clinically proven bioactives with perfumery’s 100% natural origin fragrances with more than 50% essential oil blends.

This formulation range is built around creating a unique, aromatherapy infused self-care ritual to uplift your skin and mood throughout the day - a truely holistic skin care solution.

Sun Care

Discover sun protection that your sense will love with our Sunsense3 range, next level sun care protection with our Evolusun formulations and accelerate the development of new sun care formulations with our TriPro™ Sun Care Technology.


Sun protection your Senses will love

Our Personal Care and Perfumery teams have joined forces - combining Personal Care’s expertise, reputation, and unrivalled UV portfolio, with Perfumery’s craftsmanship for scents. This opens up new opportunities for sensory innovation, allowing us to engage touch, sight and smell to deliver lightweight textures, invisible sun care protection, tangible skin benefits and captivating fragrances.


Suncare with extra care? We make it possible!

Evolusun is an evolution of your daily sunscreen with added skincare benefits in innovative formulations. Antioxidants, moisturizers and anti-aging ingredients that provides nourishment, hydration and rejuvenating effects for all skin types and needs.

It’s everything you need to protect your skin, keeping it healthy inside-out.

TriPro™ Sun Care Technology

Scientifically proven technology

TriPro™ Sun Care Technology is a navigation tool to effectively blend our eco-conscious UV filters PARSOL® 1789, PARSOL® Shield and PARSOL® EHT to:

• reach high performance sun care formulations,
• with a reduced solvent need and
• an improved product and phase stability

TriPro™ Sun Care Technology supports the acceleration of the development process in the lab and leads to formulations with better sensory skin feel vs. the same formulation without TriPro™ technology.

Hair Care

Feel the pleasure of unique care for textured hair; developed by you, for you and with a double dose of love.


It's very satisfying when we find products that truly care for and enhance the natural beauty of our hair without a lot of effort, right? So, you just found it!

Introducing the dsm-firmenich textured hair care line, created by you, for you and with you. An easy routine with vitamins, natural origin actives and pleasurable fragrance, which ensures deep care and continuous freshness* for textured hair in just a few simple steps. An extraordinary ritual that combines high performance with delightful sensations to celebrate the uniqueness of your hair. Because every hair is good hair if it represents who you are, and deserves a self love moment to become even more gorgeous.

With the double lock power for a double dose of pleasure.

* Sensory test – 2023 – n=30 - overall fragrance intensity of the wash day routine (day 1) versus refreshing routine (day 1 + day 4 + day 7) on Hair Swatches


ETERWELL™ YOUTH: From the mountains to our skin.... regenerating and refreshing at every stage.

Sustainability Pod

Our planet is just like its people… full of wonder and surprises. Like our skin, it needs to be protected and nurtured.

Our ETERWELL™ YOUTH range is based on Holistic Sustainability. It is a naturally-created and organic solution that supports well-ageing of the skin, whatever our age, ethnicity or gender.

Its carbon footprint is light, and every ingredient chosen for ETERWELL™ YOUTH comes from a kind, sustainable and responsible process.

Sustainability Presentation

Find out about ETERWELL™ YOUTH; a Holistic Sustainable Solution.

This innovative product offers naturality with no compromise on people or planet. Our presentation will cover key elements of ETERWELL™ YOUTH’s sustainability credentials including:

- Biodiversity protection
- Regenerative farming
- Responsible sourcing
- Low carbon footprint


The first rating for dsm-firmenich will be accessible in early 2025. DSM received a score of 78/100, while Firmenich achieved a score of 88/100.

The scores aren't directly comparible due to differences in industry classifications but we do rank in the top 1% of the industry.


We delivered a number of presentations throughout the duration of in-cosmetics Global 2024. Find out more below.


Unmatched science. Next-gen solutions

Representing a generational leap in skincare innovation, the CORNEOCARE™ platform accelerates the enhancement of the epidermis through extensive, unparalleled scientific expertise. CORNEOCARE™ is next-gen skin solutions primed for the next generation. 

Holistic Beauty

In today's fast-paced world and challenging emotional landscape, consumers are prioritizing self-care and adopting a holistic mindset. People realize that good health involves not only being physically well but looking after all aspects of wellbeing. For this reason, consumers value and increasingly seek out products and services that address needs across different wellness dimensions—balancing mental, physical, social, and environmental health.

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