PENTAVITIN® - the true hydration artist

The natural skincare ingredient that nourishes and moisturizes the skin and keep it as it best

Every day, indoor and outdoor stress negatively affects the skin’s natural hydration, causing it to dry out much faster.  The key needs of skin exposed to urban stress are fast-acting and long-term hydration with targeted care for problem areas. Used daily, the skincare ingredient PENTAVITIN® provides powerful hydration to all facial areas. Regular use of the natural skin bioactive PENTAVITIN® brings tired and dry skin back to life, giving consumers a confidence boost and a smile on their face. Consumer test panels confirm reduction in flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin and skin becomes visibly smoother.


Product Features

  • Inci name: Saccharide Isomerate
  • 100% natural and plant derived 
  • Unique skin idententical carbohydrate complex
  • Binds to the skin like a magnet 
  • Preservative free
  • Quasi Drug Additive Status Japan 





From head...
  • Relieves itchy, flaky, dry skin, helping it to feel soft and smooth
  • Instant hydration that lasts for up to 72 hours
  • Strengthens the skin’s natural defenses in preventing dehydration
  • Rapid restoration of skin barrier function toe

  • Reduces unwanted effects of skin dryness caused by hand sanitizers
  • 24-hour body calming
  • Boosts skin hydration for 24 hour and even with frequent showering
  • Takes skin from dry to normal just one hour after washing

…in a post-shower body moisturizer

  • 275% more moisture after a single application
  • Helps protect skin against dehydration
  • Strong cumulative moisture recovery effect with repeated use of PENTAVITIN®– even after daily showering a moisturizing soap bar

  • Performs strongly in high pH conditions
  • 24-hour moisture boost & lock
  • Hydration booster of glycerin a shampoo

  • Visible hydration power and sebum reduction for a healthy-looking scalp


Facial skin hydration color mapping – a revolution

At DSM, we believe that single point measurements cannot describe the complexity of facial skin hydration properly. We therefore developed a new tool that enables us to visualize the hydration of facial skin. Hydration levels are measured at 30 different pre-defined points on the face, and a specific algorithm is then used to translate them into detailed facial color maps. This particular mapping technology draws attention to skin areas with special hydration needs and thus helps meet consumer demands for effective hydration.

Three hours after single application of 3% PENTAVITIN® significant hydration boost of forehead, eye region and cheek area.

Mode of Action

Unique moisture magnet
Dry skin lacks water in the upper scaly layers, whilst the underlying layers are normally hydrated by the skin’s internal moisturizing mechanism. The secret to resolving dry skin involves not only having enough moisture, but also keeping that moisture where it’s needed. Unlike other ingredients, PENTAVITIN® connects perfectly with the skin’s surface layers and doesn’t easily wash off, locking in moisture like a magnet. It also strengthens the skin’s natural defenses and preventing further dehydration.


NEW rinse-off study results!

No more skin dryness after cleansing

We all know that dealing with dry skin can be an uphill battle. Using good facial and body moisturizers is important, of course, but it’s equally important to find a proper cleansing product. The problem is that washing repeatedly can strip moisture from your skin and impair skin barrier function, leaving skin rough and tight, or maybe even reddened, scaly and itchy. In one of our recent surveys, consumers around the world made it clear they want to find a way to overcome these issues. What they are looking for are effective skin cleansers that also provide instant and long-lasting moisturization after use.

To respond to this unmet consumer need, we conducted new studies on rinse-off application powered by PENTAVITIN®. The findings from these studies prove that common skin cleansing formulations containing PENTAVITIN® immediately increase skin hydration for 24 hours, meaning an end to skin dryness post-cleansing or showering. We also found that even with frequent showering, PENTAVITIN® helps reinforce the skin’s barrier while protecting against dryness.

Moisturizing care and hygiene go hand in hand

New study shows that PENTAVITIN® reduces unwanted effects of skin dryness in hand sanitizers

Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to help stop the spread of infectious diseases. However, frequent washing and use of sanitizers can also have an impact on the skin barrier, leaving the skin on your hands feeling dry and uncomfortable. In PENTAVITIN®, DSM has just the solution though.  New studies proved that when this hero ingredient is used in a hand sanitizer (with up to 70% alcohol) it reduces unwanted effects of skin dryness in hand sanitizers by:

  • increasing hydration by up to 9% just one hour after use
  • delivering a 14% hydration boost after 3 hours

So good hygiene and moisturizing care really can go hand in hand.

Scalp care and the role of moisturization 

Consumers increasingly making the connection between a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Thirty-six percent are using scalp care products at home to combat hair loss, reflecting the hands-on/DIY shift1. However, 44% of consumers indicated that they are not satisfied with current product offerings to address hair loss, indicating a gap (and an opportunity) for brands2. Nearly half are interested in more preventive solutions, indicating a connection to resilient beauty drivers3.

“My ideal solution would be something like a shampoo or a cleanser or some kind of moisturizer that you could put on your scalp, that didn't weigh your hair down, and that cleansed your hair, too. That would be perfect.” – Tabitha, 45



Biodegradable scalp care ingredient PENTAVITIN® protects and moisturizes the scalp and promotes ideal scalp conditions with less sebum and less flaking. Data from the new in vivo study show visible reduction in scalp flaking after one application and a 55% reduction after frequent showering with shampoos containing this bioactive in low doses. Volunteers confirmed its efficacy, with 60% stating that their “scalp feels hydrated and healthy.”


2DSM own study

3DSM own study

Smart hydration for shampoo with PENTAVITIN®

PENTAVITIN’s® efficacy in shampoo also resulted in visible hydration and reduction of sebum after frequent use as shown in a unique scalp mapping technique, helping to promote a healthy-looking scalp.


The smart moisturizer – from head-to-toe

Your body needs just as much as love as your face to stay hydrated

Recent studies show that the skin on our hands, feet, legs, and scalp needs as much attention as our face to stay hydrated. The skin bioactive ingredient PENTAVITIN® has long been proven to moisturize, restore, and protect skin against dehydration. New studies now demonstrate that it recovers moisture and prevents dryness all over the body.

Smart hydration for beauty bars with PENTAVITIN®

New discoveries from in-vivo tests shows PENTAVITIN’S® high efficacy in moisturizing soap bar with high pH conditions, delivering a 24-hour moisture boost & lock benefit known in facial care but newly discovered in this format. Additionally, it boosts the efficacy of glycerin even at a low concentration.

Smart hydration for body moisturizers with PENTAVITIN®

New discoveries from in-vivo tests reveal PENTAVITIN’S® efficacy in sought-after rinse-off and body care applications. In a post-shower body moisturizer PENTAVITIN® offers:

- 275% more moisture eight hours after a single application

- A strong cumulative moisture recovery effect with consistent use, even at a low dose

- A protection effect against skin dryness, even after daily cleansing

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