Press Release

DSM Personal Care continues the momentum created in 2013 with a diamond sponsorship of the 2014 CEW Beauty Awards

On Oct 17th the Personal Care team in New York achieved a further step to understand more in depth the challenges of the key cosmetic brands in North America. 

Today’s decision making process is getting more and more complex to craft innovative products for a consumer eager to understand how he can spend at best his beauty dollars. Several new brand partners are now important along this path : Beauty editors, retailers, consumer associations are powerfully involved in the decision making process.

Our Personal Care team is highly skilled to work with the R&D brand partners to offer the latest technologies and performance-driven beauty ingredients. A real challenge for us was to engage our customers at a new level to deeply understand their brand DNA and beauty aspirations.

To connect with this complex brand ecosystem, we decided to sponsor again the one of the most important beauty event of the year : The Cosmetic Executive Women Achiever Awards. This meeting gathered in a very unique way the top executive decision makers of the cosmetic industry. It is a unique opportunity to meet with the highest brand influencers. Our goal is to change the dialogue between us and our customers. We are driven by the same need: understand better people’s beauty aspirations. This second sponsorship furthermore strengthen our position to craft beauty care ingredients and concepts that bring true value to brands around the world!

By partnering with CEW, DSM’s Personal Care team is dedicated to forging a strong bond with beauty companies and their leaders, bringing them inspiration, ideas and answers, not just ‘the raw ingredients’, and be transformative for their brand, propel their products to success and ultimately benefit and beautify the consumer.

Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW) is a nonprofit, professional organization with more than 6,000 members, both men and women, from over 1,700 companies in the beauty and related industries. CEW is based in New York City, NY, and it has associated organizations in France and the United Kingdom.