Press Release

The 61st SEPAWA CONGRESS took place and DSM Personal Care took to the stage

This year at the SEPAWA CONGRESS, DSM Personal Care was promoting its approach to consumer insights and its deep customer understanding via 2 presentations held at the “Forum for Innovation” by Caroline Ploton, Regional Marketing Manager.

The first one titled “Sunscreen, my hero?” was exploring why consumers don’t use enough sunscreens and how we at DSM are able to translate these consumer insights into formulations, by using the expertise of its in-house sensory panel. This new approach allows us to create solutions that really matter!

The second lecture emphasized Phytantriol, a solution for Hair Care consumers looking for multifunctional products that provide the best performance with a salon finish.

Phytantriol is one of the key ingredients which supports the new DSM BB Créme Conditioner concept for Hair Care. Due to its multifunctional benefits, such as color protection, moisturization or split-end protection, Phytantriol is able to add essential value to a wide range of Hair Care applications.  

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By attending these important congresses, we at DSM Personal Care continue to support our identity of Revealing the Power of Beauty through bright science, imagination and foresight to craft beauty care ingredients and concepts that bring a true value to our customers brands.

SEPAWA is a key meeting point for the Personal Care industry and a must-attend congress for networking between different partners of the detergents, cosmetics and perfumery industry.

At the “Forum of Innovation” lectures took place on scientific researches and current innovations, allowing companies to voice present industry news and new findings around their businesses.

Started mainly as a German event, it has become more and more international over the last few years.

With around 2150 participants and 41 countries, 2014 beat the previous year record of attendance.

For more information about the show you can visit the SEPAWA website: