Press Release

Dry skin has met its match - DSM’s PENTAVITIN® a household name for skin moisturization

Millions of Americans now know that dry skin has met its match. In a nationally televised interview airing in millions of American homes on May 8, 2017, DSM educated American consumers on the critical need for proper skin moisturization and how DSM partners with leading beauty brands deliver powerful moisturizing effects.


Through DSM’s landmark research initiative that used a novel 3D color mapping system to illustrate facial moisture disparities across different skin tones, DSM was able to illustrate the remarkable differences in skin moisturization needs across different skin tones, as well as a powerful moisturizing system able to meet those needs.

As much as 70% of women can be affected with dryness on their faces, which can vary with season and facial location. Now, with DSM’s novel approach, they are teaching consumers that they can have moisture improvements that they can feel AND see. Most commonly, single point measurements have been used to assess skin moisturization, but as DSM’s research indicates, these single point measurements are not enough to describe and illustrate the facial moisture needs for consumers. By mapping the moisturization changes of 30 different points on the faces of subjects from four ethnic groups, DSM was able to illustrate the immense complexity of facial moisturization and the vast moisture level differences that can exist even on facial locations in close proximity.

DSM’s Parand Salmassina, Vice President of DSM Personal Care North America, and Sonia Dawson, Regional Marketing Manager for DSM Personal Care North America, sat down with Olga Villaverde of Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act” to discuss the unique considerations for skin moisturization and how DSM’s natural moisture magnet – PENTAVITIN®, can help deliver sustained skin moisturization for up to 72 hours. Through the continuous 3D Facial Moisture Mapping System, DSM was also able to show how a PENTAVITIN®-powered serum was able to significantly boost skin moisturization for multiple skin tones.

The interview was held on “The Balancing Act” airing on The Lifetime Television Network on May 8, 2017 at 7:30am EST/PST. The Lifetime TV Network, one of America’s leading television networks for women, reaches women-targeted audiences across the US in over 100 million homes.