Infinite well-aging powered by Senolytics science

April 18th, 2024

At dsm-firmenich personal care we are thrilled to share with our customers one of our latest skin care innovations on healthy aging ETERWELL™ YOUTH that has won the Gold Award for the Innovation Best Active Ingredient at in-cosmetics Global! Winning amidst tough competition, we're honoured to elevate innovation in our industry and eagerly embrace this recognition.

The holistic solution for healthy looking skin, addressing the root causes of premature aging providing infinite well-aging powered by Senolytics science. ETERWELL™ YOUTH helps selectively eliminate the dermo-destructive senescent cells allowing the natural skin renewal processes to flourish.

For the first time in the industry, we provide a very solid substantiation on senolytics, in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo. ETERWELL™ YOUTH is an universal solution for all skin types, genders and ages , for holistic skin health with positive impact across all skin layers: skin texture, skin structure, skin elasticity and appearance of wrinkles are significantly improved versus placebo. It reverses the skin appearance by 6 years (after 2 weeks) and 9 years (after 3 months).

ETERWELL™ YOUTH, 100% of natural origin according to ISO16128 standard, comes from the willowherb plant in the alps including certifications of COSMOS, Fair for Life, Natrue, Halal, China listed and vegan compliant.

We insure a full sustainable solution including biodiversity protection, regenerative farming, responsible sourcing and limited environmental impact that brings nature to people’s lives. Organic cultivation and sustainable land use helps preserve Swiss Alpine biodiversity; restoring soil, purifying water, and enhancing climate resilience. Our entire supply chain is transparent and traceable, and our relationships with farmers are always ethical. ETERWELL™ YOUTH has a low carbon footprint (under 3kg CO2 eq/kg) thanks to a gentle extraction process using 100% renewable electricity.

ETERWELL™ YOUTH is a journey to the skin built on kindness and respect, with values that travel all the way back to the mountains helping our planet and our skin to age well while also delivering important emotional benefits like well-being and self-care. This innovation gives consumers new life to their skin responsibly, contributing to both people and planet.

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