Phthalates in UV filters

June 3rd, 2024

dsm-firmenich, the leading innovator in nutrition, health, and beauty, would like to share with you some information on recent discussions about phthalates in UV filters, particularly Di-n-hexylphthalate (DnHexP), that have garnered significant attention in Germany. This substance, banned in cosmetic products in the EU since 2019, was recently detected in some sunscreens and linked to a UVA filter called DHHB (Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate). Consumers awareness about protection against UV radiation is increasing acknowledging that UV rays can represent a leading cause of skin cancer. Nevertheless, we understand that such reports can discourage consumers from the important habit of protecting themselves from the negative effect of UV exposure on skin.

As a leading supplier of UV filters, dsm-firmenich prioritizes responsible practices, and comprehensive and honest communication with all our stakeholders. We are proud of our high-quality standards and transparent communication about the safety of our products. With PARSOL® DHHB, we offer a safe and effective solution that meets consumer demands and whilst also being environmentally friendly.

PARSOL® DHHB, at the highest quality standards

Our UVA filter, PARSOL® DHHB, is synonymous with the highest quality. Intensive efforts in production ensure that DnHexP in our UV filter is not detectable.

“We are proud to state that since our launch, every batch has been meticulously tested, and each one has consistently shown DnHExP levels below the limit of detection", says Dr. Christian Gstöttmayr, Senior Global Product Manager for our PARSOL® UV-filter portfolio.

These results demonstrate that the presence of phthalates (DnHexP) in a DHHB UV filter is technically avoidable and that dsm-firmenich responds to the right consumer expectations and regulation compliance.

Importance of UV protection for skin health

UV radiation can cause significant damage, including skin cancer and premature skin aging. Therefore, using effective sun protection is crucial to guard against these dangers. UVA filters like our PARSOL® DHHB provide excellent protection against UVA rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin and cause cell damage.

No health risk

We also want to address the fact, that current research indicates, that even the minimal amounts of DnHexP found in some sunscreens recently do not pose a health risk. So even if the source of DHHB is not clearly indicated on the final packaging, to experience any harmful effects, a child would need to be covered daily with more than a kilogram of sunscreen containing DnHexP, which is practically impossible.

At dsm-firmenich, our commitment to sun protection is rooted in the principle that protection against UV radiation is vital for skin health. It's crucial to never skip adequate sun care to protect your skin from the sun's harmful effects. Stay informed and choose products you can trust completely. Our PARSOL® DHHB exemplifies this trust, containing DHHB with no detectable DnHexP, meeting the highest safety and efficacy standards.

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