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The high-quality multifunctional natural personal care ingredient to reduce formulation complexity

Today’s conscious consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and social impact of beauty products and are becoming ideological in their buying preferences. Especially biotechnology will gain importance over the coming years, driven by environmental concerns and limited natural resources. With the launch of the multifunctional personal care ingredient TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ we combine naturality, sustainability, conscious beauty and high performance in only one product. It is the first made-in-Europe cosmetic grade of PDO, 100% bio-sourced from non-GMO and palm oil-free feedstocks, sourced from a brand new eco-designed facility contributing to local industrial redevelopment and diversification. TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ is a high-quality microbiome-friendly, multifunctional natural ingredient designed to reduce formulation complexity by acting as a preservative booster, a skin humectant, sensory enhancer, solvent and actives carrier.


Product Features

  • First made-in-Europe cosmetic 1,3-propanediol
  • 100% bio-sourced from non-GMO and palm oil-free feedstocks
  • Produced in a new eco-design facility
  • Natural origin score: 100% (ISO 16128)
  • Readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B


  • Microbiome-friendly
  • Preservative booster
  • Sensory enhancer
  • Skin humectant/Moisturization
  • Solvent & Actives carrier

Technical info

  • INCI name: Propanediol
  • CAS number: 504-63-2
  • Product code: 50 1650 1
  • Appearance: clear transparent liquid
  • Compatible with all cosmetic ingredients
  • Add to the water phase of formulations
  • Can be heated up to 80°C

Biotechnology - a future-proof technology












Skin microbiome and market product requirements can go hand in hand

TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™ is a microbiome-friendly ingredient for finished personal care products well tolerated by skin microbiome. This multifunctional personal care ingredient is a preservative booster to ensure the compliance with the microbiology market product requirements.

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