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The fast-acting skin brightening cosmetic ingredient

The cosmetic active ingredient REGU®-FADE is a high-performing, nature-identical resveratrol that visibly brightens skin within two weeks. Resveratrol is a known potent antioxidant found in red grapes and associated with various health benefits. Gene expression studies have proved that REGU®-FADE reduces skin pigmentation via multiple target mechanism with increased efficacy.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Resveratrol
  • Nature-identical pure trans-resveratrol for more effectiveness and even skin brightening
  • Multi-target mechanism
  • Free from pesticides and emodin
  • Does not contain intentionally added substances regulated / listed as preservatives 


  • Visibly brighter skin in 2 weeks


See Regulatory Status China Statement
Halal certified by Halal Food Council Europe

Mode of Action

The skin bioactive ingredient REGU®-FADE is able to decrease melanin synthesis through different pathways: It inhibits Tyrosinase, regulates MCR1 (α - MSH receptor), affects the function and maturation of melanosomes, attenuates melanosome transport within melanocytes as well as the melanosome transport to keratinocytes.

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