Optimal growth

Optimal growth

Nutrition management is an important tool for our customers in improving aquaculture performance. It can help reduce the impact of disease, improve the digestibility of nutrients, and achieve more profitable growth.

It’s a simple formula: if fish grow faster, they will achieve market size more quickly. Optimal growth rates of fish and crustaceans can be a key driver in increasing aquaculture profitability.

Growth rates are enhanced in fish which have:

  • A strong immune system
  • An efficient digestive system
  • Low stress levels

Our additives have shown to increase performance in these key areas.


The high nucleotide content in ROVIMAX® NX, combined with high levels of free nucleotides, allows it efficiently to enhance the effectiveness of aquaculture immune systems.

Vitamin C is another essential dietary nutrient in fish diets, contributing to disease resistance in fish. ROVIMIX®STAY-C® 35 enables cost-effective vitamin C supplementation and excellent performance. It is a highly efficient and bioavailable form of vitamin C for farmed fish and shrimp.

Adding RONOZYME® Phytase products to aquaculture diets makes plant phosphorus sources more available to farmed fish. This makes it an effective solution for improving digestive efficiency.

Supplementing aquaculture diets with these products facilitates optimal growth, leading to higher profits.


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