Consumers in different countries have very specific ideas about the ‘right’ color of poultry skin and egg yolk. Our products can help customers meet these varied demands.

Both the nature and the consistency of appearance of food are major criteria for consumers.

The shade of egg yolks and poultry skin is largely determined by the birds’ diet – the contents of which can vary enormously. To ensure a constant and desirable egg yolk and poultry skin shade, the feed needs to be managed carefully.

We have developed a system that allows precise control of pigmentation through the tailored and controlled addition of carotenoids – naturally occurring biological pigments that can be added to the feed.

Brighter yolks

CAROPHYLL® red and CAROPHYLL® yellow are feed additives which allow egg producers to achieve precise control of egg yolk color. A high level of accuracy over pigmentation can be achieved through the use of our special and well known YolkFanTM and supplementation guidelines.

Perfect skin pigmentation

The shade of chicken skin is an important marketing factor.. CAROPHYLL® red and CAROPHYLL® yellow allow producers to align the shade of skin exactly to that required. A particularly high degree of control can be exercised when rationing is calculated using our Broiler Color Fan and supplementation guidelines.

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