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Healthy diets for all within planetary boundaries

Public Health, Climate Action & Resource Protection

We help to shape the world by the food choices we make. Our food choices in turn help shape us. That’s why DSM is committed to supporting healthy food choices that help keep both people and the planet healthy: Healthy diets for all within planetary boundaries. We want to be part of a global coalition for food system change, helping to provide affordable, aspirational and healthy nutritional solutions for everyone. All people should be able to enjoy a healthy diet, and the food we consume should keep our planet in good shape, both now and for generations to come.

Food system change

Fresh thinking on nutrition is more necessary than ever. Today, while over 800 million people are chronically undernourished, 1.4 billion are overweight or obese and diet-related chronic diseases (non-communicable diseases (NCDs)) put an enormous strain on healthcare systems. While the world’s population continues to grow to a predicted 9-10 billion by 2050, we lose and/or discard more than a third of all the food we produce and are already seeing the effects of climate change on agricultural production and environmental degradation of the land and oceans.

Future-proof nutrition solutions

It is against this background and our ambition to contribute to the Global Sustainable Development Goals that DSM works to enable improved nutrition solutions and food systems, drawing on our unique science, product and application competences and profound market knowledge. We do so by providing great-tasting and safe ingredients for food, beverages, supplements where needed and other nutritional solutions, addressing the key themes of ‘public health’, ‘climate action’ and ‘resource protection’. These cannot be done alone, hence we develop and maintain close cooperation with academia, customers, social enterprises and other parties in partnerships and coalitions.

Key themes

In translating our Healthy diets for all within planetary boundaries vision into practice, we seek to address one or more of three major societal impact areas:

  • Health
    We support diets that are healthy, nutritious, appealing, culturally appropriate, accessible and affordable for all people, with special focus on the most vulnerable ones. Healthy diets require an adequate balance of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).
  • Climate
    We apply innovative technologies to deliver product solutions that act upon climate change, for instance food and feed solutions that reduce existing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and avoid future GHG production.
  • Resources
    We work to protect and improve efficient use of the world’s resources, preserve the biodiversity of the land and seas, to keep the Earth’s atmosphere and water systems as pure as possible, and to recondition land that has been degraded.

DSM also aims to influence other conditions that affect our food systems in a positive way, ensuring good working conditions, developing new sustainable and inclusive business models, and making healthy and sustainable food and nutrition the best and easiest choice.


We seek to ensure the economic viability of all products we develop and deliver, and increase the accessibility and affordability of healthy, safe and great-tasting food, while ensuring fair incomes for all players in the food value chain.

Consumer needs

We aim to make it easier to maintain healthy and sustainable lifestyles, respecting the worlds diversity of cultures. Together with our partners we try to nudge consumers towards more healthy and sustainable food choices, applying the SHIFT Wheel (WRI), making these the most convenient, tasty and enjoyable choices.