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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

DSM in swine nutrition and health

There is a growing global demand for pork and pork products. Producers at all stages of the production chain therefore focus on several key factors, namely:
  • Cost-effective production of a high quality product
  • Achieving the high animal welfare standards required to meet animal needs and consumer demands
  • Minimizing the impact of pork production on the environment

We have great experience across the global swine sector. We deliver innovative and effective nutrition and health solutions to help customers meet the many challenges they face.

Pig in sand bedding


Consumers expect animal welfare standards from swine producers. Our innovative products can help farmers cost-effectively improve welfare in sow and finishing swine units. More>

Pig looking into the camera


Minimizing environmental impact is a key challenge within intensive livestock farming. We are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions to help farmers reduce the impact of their activities. More>

Two pigs eating

Feed cost saving

Feed is the biggest single cost in swine production. Our products help customers to optimize their growth and feed conversion rates for better feed costs savings. More>

Pig in barn looking into the camera


Healthy swine grow faster, reproduce better and utilize feed more effectively. They are simply more profitable. Our products can play a central role in optimizing the health status of swine units. More>

Weaned piglet on white ground

Optimal growth

Producers need to grow animals at optimal rates in order to maximize throughput and profits. Many customers trust our products to deliver optimal growth. More>

Piglets suckling

Breeding performance

The goal is to maximize the number of healthy weaners per sow per year. Our products are known for their ability to improve sow reproductive performance, as well as piglet survival and growth rates. More>

Slices of pork meat

Better meat quality

Consumers demand meat of a good quality – which can be defined in various ways. Our innovative products help producers increase the quality of the meat they deliver to the market. More>