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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients



Mineral fusion for broad protection

Mineral UV-filters like Zinc and Titanium Oxide are marketed today as Natural Sunscreens, a key consumer desire. Consumers are more familiar with Zinc Oxide as a UV-filter than other ingredients. This familiarity correlates with higher consumer trust, a key advantage in today’s world, where consumers want to understand ‘what’s inside’ their products.

PARSOL® ZX is a Zinc Oxide grade with a particle size ensuring SPF and UVA best performance and  blue light protection with optimized sensory.

PARSOL® ZX  - The newly-built manufacturing site has passed FDA inspection with no observations!

DSM´s Zinc Oxide grade PARSOL® ZX was launched last April at In Cosmetics Paris. By adding this UV-filter to its portfolio, DSM commits to supporting formulators to develop sunscreens in line with the current trend for more natural products. The newly-built manufacturing site for PARSOL® ZX is now also approved by an authority re-confirming the highest quality standards for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients which is particularly important for customers developing OTC sunscreens for the US market.