Press Release

Being brave to embrace your individuality is something that challenges us at DSM every single day, in everything we do

Every year at in-cosmetics, DSM Personal Care picks a theme to challenge ourselves and our customers. Last year we focussed on the broad question; What is beauty?, but this year we wanted to find a theme that would communicate with everyone on a personal level. In Paris 2016 we didn't raise a question, but confronted ourselves and our peers with the following message: Be brave to challenge the norm. We recognize that more and more people are questioning accepted notions of beauty and refusing to fit in with prescribed norms.

We at DSM welcome the challenges this poses for the personal care industry, because challenging means development, and development leads to positive change. We began to challenge ourselves by finding new ways to communicate with customers, developing new products, and reviewing our established portfolio in light of expanding consumer expectations – to name just a few examples.

in-cosmetics, for us and our customers, always starts with a kickoff party, this year held in the Brasserie Printemps, Paris on April 11th. Here, we began to set the scene for our Be Brave theme. We had themed food at our Be Brave Bar, and introduced the Be Brave Beat with a Rockaoke band, where we invited our guests to join them on stage to perform their favourite songs. We also asked them to share something personal; a statement of what being brave means to them. We were amazed at how honest and open some of the response were.

Overall it was a night full of fun and bravery and we would like to profusely thank everyone who was a part of it. A lot of activities that we organized around the exhibition this year generated a great deal of buzz at the DSM booth and we were delighted with the response from our visitors.

And in case you missed details about any of our recent launches; please be navigated to their dedicated product pages: SYN-STAR®SYN-UP™VALVANCE® Touch 250 or our new TILAMAR® conditioning range.