Vitamin B6

The rock star ingredient for happy skin and hair


The vitamin ingredient vital for healthy-looking appearance of skin and hair care

Vitamin B6 may stimulate the healthy-looking appearance of hair and contributes to the efficacy of anti-dandruff products. 
In skin care applications, the vitamin B6 appears to reduce sebum levels and limit the area of oily spots.

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    SYN-STAR® -an innovation based on existing patented peptide technology – showed, for the first time, a global anti-ageing and mattifying effect in a study on three different skin tones.


    ALPAFLOR® ALP®-SEBUM is an organic bioactive rich in flavanoids and oenothein B - key compounds that show sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory activities. It is ECOCERT, COSMOS, and NATRUE organic certified, and Fair Trade approved by Ecocert Environnement.


    REGU®-SEB is a natural bioactive complex that balances and mattifies oily skin to unveil a natural look, by regulating the production of sebum to a normal level.

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