The world is changing, and so is your consumer

Not only are new populations and markets gaining access to more and more health and beauty products, but established markets are getting to increase more ethnically diverse.

For example, in North America there are over 43 million African-Americans, 52 million Latinos and a growing population of South Asians and Chinese. The stereotypical ‘White American’ still often portrayed by the beauty industry reflects for only 60% of the potential market.

To adapt we must not only understand the physiology of skin and hair types but to meet the needs of everyone, we have to understand their customers, cultural history, environments and relationships with beauty.

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    SYN-STAR® -an innovation based on existing patented peptide technology – showed, for the first time, a global anti-ageing and mattifying effect in a study on three different skin tones.

  • PARSOL® Shield

    PARSOL® Shield

    PARSOL® Shield (INCI: Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine) is a photostable broad-spectrum filter which efficiently contributes to UVB and UVA protection across the full range of application forms at low concentrations.



    The natural skin care ingredient BEAUACTIVE® gives skin an improved appearance after the age of 30 due to a visible reduction of conspicuous facial pores and age spots.

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  • UV Flash Tone Fluid formulation

    UV Flash Tone Fluid formulation

    This fluid formulation features emulsifier AMPHISOL® K, sensory and visual modifiers VALVANCE® Touch 210, skin bioactives PEPHA®-AGE, PENTAVITIN® and PARSOL® UV FILTERS.

  • Large pores & age spots corrector

    Large pores & age spots corrector

    This skin care formulation is to minimize the appearance of large pores, the appearance of darkness of age spots and improve skin texture for a brighter, super-smooth complexion.

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