The ‘skinification’ of hair care: ingredients matter

Consumers are looking for preferred skin care ingredients to become part of their hair care routine

Consumer attitudes toward personal care are rapidly evolving after a most challenging year. Many are emerging with a renewed set of priorities for self-care, which are giving rise to the desire for products that promote Resilient Beauty. With its focus on both repair and prevention, it underscores the need to take care in the moment with trusted ingredients and rituals, and embrace sustainable innovations with every choice.

From these changing personal care priorities, a new trend in hair care is taking shape. ‘Skinification’ reveals the growing influence of skin care habits on hair and scalp care needs, particularly when it comes to personal care ingredients. Those that are trending and trusted in skin care applications, such as vitamins, are increasingly being sought after by consumers to deliver the same benefits in their hair care products. 

In a DSM study of 2100 consumers on their hair care preferences, 56% believe that active ingredient is more important than brand, package or fragrance when it comes to purchasing decisions1.

This research also points to the growing consumer focus on scalp care, which encompasses a broad range of needs - from moisturization to managing sensitivity to preventing damage and hair loss.

Wanted: powerful ingredients for more resilient hair and scalp

To support product developments that align to the skinification trend, DSM screened its personal care portfolio and identified more than 20 proven, science-backed active ingredients that could also deliver key benefits in scalp and hair care solutions.

Our hair and skin care experts in particular targeted three powerful skin care ingredients that can answer key consumer concerns, such as the prevention of hair loss and greying and scalp moisturization. But high performance isn’t the only thing that matters: these personal care ingredients also meet growing expectations that new innovations and technologies will also embody social and environmental responsibility. 

New in vivo studies confirm the efficacy of these powerhouse ingredients for hair and scalp care formulations:

With the right ingredients, new hair and scalp care formulations can target and address consumers’ top concerns while also enabling a more resilient and sustainable future.

1DSM own study

IN-FACT Hair Care Waterless solutions

Leveraging our powerful bioactive and performance ingredients to deliver innovative, transparent, and sustainable formulations.

IN-FACT Hair Care Waterless solutions come with what we all need most to make more conscious choices the facts behind the labels! Built on the best of DSM’s scientific expertise, research and leadership in sustainable innovation in hair care products, these formulations deliver visible scalp and hair benefits. At the same time, their waterless format responds to the latest trends, by offering a truly greener option that’s grounded firmly in fact.

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In-Fact Formulations

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