Cheer Up! - Joyful personal care formulations to express beauty and celebrate each moment.

It’s the return to positivity and fun - Be inspired by DSM’s personal care formulation concept

It has never been so necessary to find ways to feel truly well and beauty can provide positivity and caring. A chance to escape everyday life & to show our best. You can help to give consumers a sense of freedom and establish a real true intimacy with them. Evoking emotional and physical wellbeing will resonate and enhance consumers’ lives. And do you know what? Cheer up your consumers with DSM’s new Beauty Line up! 

A line of 4 personal care formulations designed to add an extra dose of positivity to your consumers’ everyday life! Beauty formulations that combine the high performance of DSM ingredients with a unique experience through fun textures, bright effects, intense hydration and wonderful sensations. All this formulated with sustainability in mind.

Cheer Up! & Power Up!

Wrinkle filler serum formulation : Vibrant looking complexion, splendid texture and intense hydration, the ultimate beauty boost to bring your best you! A lightweight serum formulation containing a balanced mix of three microbiome friendly powerful hyaluronic acid grades of HYA-ACT™. Combined with the peptide ingredients SYN®-HYCAN and the biotech pink Vitamin B12 to help to smooth wrinkles and provide more youthful-looking skin from within.

Cheer Up! & Get Outside!

Daily Hydrating Facial Fluid SPF 50: Thanks to a fluid and fast-absorbing texture, this skin care facial product brings lightness to your daily life and still offers maximum hydration and anti-aging prevention with the combination of HYA-ACT™ XS  (hyaluronic acid grade) and NIACINAMIDE PC, special grade of vitamin B3.

On top, it provides high UV protection for your skin thanks to an optimized combination of PARSOL® UV filter ingredients, so you can live all your freedom outside!

Cheer Up! & Shine!

Solid Shampoo: Adds extra shine to your hair so you feel beautiful and confident all day. This delicate solid shampoo formulation features a blend of natural bioactives, including LIFE GLA™ ’10’ n-6 oil from evening primrose seeds, which work together to improve shine, combing and anti-breakage. It contains also Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid HYA-ACT® XS to enhance hair and scalp hydration and hair strength.

Cheer Up! & Show up your lips!

Lip gloss: Get intense, long-lasting color and a gorgeous feeling of soft, deeply hydrated lips day and night with this gloss enriched with TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA™, the high-quality multifunctional natural personal care ingredient. Celebrate each moment and feel fabulous before, during and after the party.

Explore the universe of Cheer Up!, experience the look & feel of the formulations, learn more about DSM key ingredients and how to formulate the beauty line up. Did we Cheer you Up? Contact us to get the full formulation concept here.

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  • Hyaluronic Acid HYA ACT

    Hyaluronic Acid HYA ACT

    This skin microbiome friendly new ingredient line, HYA-ACT™ includes highly efficient hyaluronic acid grades featuring different molecular weights that deliver the efficacy and beauty benefits customers want.

  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12

    This biotech naturally derived vitamin ingredient B12 helps relieve sensitive and stressed skin and protects the skin barrier damage induced by inflammation.



    PARSOL® EHT is the UV filter ingredient can be used to achieve a high SPF at low concentrations, so it has an attractive eco-profile that makes it ideal for developing high Eco-class sun care formulations.



    The multifunctional microbiome-friendly ingredient TILAMAR® PDO with NØØVISTA is the first made-in-Europe cosmetic 1,3-propanediol, 100% bio-sourced and originated from non-GMO and palm oil-free feedstocks.