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Our businesses

Vitamin, carotenoid, eubiotic and enzyme feed additives for livestock and pets.

Vitamins, carotenoids, omega-3 & 6 lipids, nutraceutical ingredients and customized services.

UV filters, vitamins, bioactives, peptides, polymers and aroma ingredients.

Vitamin active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pharmaceutical lipids and carotenoids.

Enzymes, cultures, probiotics, bio-preservation, sugar reduction and savory taste solutions.

High-performance PA6, PA46, PA4T, PA410, PA66, PBT, PET, PPA, PPS and TPC thermoplastics.

Fiber, uni-directional sheets, tape and fabric forms of Dyneema®.

Biomedical device materials development and manufacturing.

Improved process control & productivity of biogas digesters.

Products, brands, partnerships & joint ventures

Public-private partnership producing highly nutritious foods in Rwanda.

EVERSWEET™, the next generation of great tasting stevia sweeteners.

Branded consumer products supporting health and wellness.

Vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA produced from microalgae.

High-quality omega-3s EPA and DHA from sustainably sourced fish oil.

A DSM-Avril joint venture producing CanolaPRO® plant-based protein

Analytical science partner for industrial processes and applications.

Intelligent sustainability service that delivers farm-level solutions.

Cattle, equine, small ruminant, poultry and swine nutrition in LATAM.

UHMWPE fiber and UD laminate value offering.

EPA and DHA rich omega-3 oil from marine algae for salmon feed.


  • DSM supplier website

    The DSM supplier website contains information for our partners covering sustainability initiatives, innovation, policies & principles, invoicing, procurement and more.

  • DSM Art Collection

    The DSM Art Collection is one of the oldest, and still growing, corporate art collections in the Netherlands with works dating from 1927 to present day.

  • Verzekeringen

    DSM Assurantiën biedt medewerkers, gepensioneerden of AOW-ers van DSM of aan DSM gelieerde bedrijven in Nederland een pakket particuliere schadeverzekeringen aan.