Creating the devices of tomorrow

We empower our customers to reduce time-to-market with innovative, safer, thinner, lighter and more connected devices that reduce carbon footprint, improve safety, and boost connectivity.

We make this happen through sustainable engineering materials, complemented by our fundamental scientific knowledge and application expertise across the mobility ecosystem.

Making a connection

Our desire to connect is universal - in fact, these days almost every aspect of our lives is connected, from cars to machines to appliances. Connectors are the tiny but incredibly complex ‘connective tissue’ that makes our modern, connected life possible. But while their use is universal, the regulations and legislation governing their safe and responsible manufacturing varies from region-to-region. Traditionally this was a major challenge for global electronics companies - but not anymore, thanks to our Akulon® SafeConnect material. For the first time, it enables our customers to build super-slim and safe connectors that comply with all regional requirements wherever they are made or used.

Product design expertise

How do the world’s leading mobile technology brands create innovative and compact new designs that maximize computing power without compromising on safety? By working with a materials expert like DSM. Every day we’re helping customers transform their design vision into reality with advanced plastics for frames and enclosures, connectors, cables, wearable straps, and automotive electronics devices; and always with a focus on how to make the next general of devices thinner, stronger and safer - with no harmful substances.

Maximizing miniaturization

Every new generation of mobile devices is, on average, 12% thinner than its predecessor. This trend towards ‘thinnovation’ is here to stay in all kinds of electronics - not least the growing segment of wearables. In smartwatches, for example, our Arnitel® TPC material is enabling a more comfortable experience for consumers by helping to create a slim-yet-strong watch strap with good soft touch and feel - along with a nice surface finish, while providing protection against day-to-day exposure to everything from weather to cosmetics and chemicals. It’s about time... 

Reducing eco-footprints and e-waste

Every year, some 45,000 tonnes of e-waste is generated in the world, solely from electronic charging cables. To combat this problem, the industry has joined forces to create a single standardized cable called the USB-C. The one challenge is that it requires even smaller parts and a higher charge, which in turn can increase the potential risk of overheating of the device and even fire. The answer for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers? To use high-temperature polyamides from DSM, like our Stanyl® material. It delivers the best performance in the industry in USB-C cables while simultaneously enabling our society to say goodbye to e-waste.

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