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Tolerase® G

Tolerase® G the only enzyme that effectively helps break down residual gluten

Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat, barley and rye. It gives breads and other grain products their shape, strength and texture. Gluten is a hard to digest protein, since it is rich in the amino acid proline. The human body cannot break down proline-rich proteins such as gluten efficiently and this may be why some people are sensitive to dietary gluten.
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As gluten is present in many different foods, following a gluten-free diet is difficult. And even with a gluten-free diet, there is still the risk of unintentional intake of gluten. Studies show that even when following a gluten-free diet, unintentional gluten intake can range from 200 mg/day to up to 3000 mg/day, depending on how strict a gluten-free dieter is.

DSM’s unique enzyme Tolerase® G helps break down gluten and support consumers’ life style.

Tolerase® G or Aspergillus Niger Prolyl Endoprotease (AN-PEP) is a proline-specific digestive enzyme. The enzyme is designed to have optimal activity under the harsh conditions of the stomach. It is the first and only enzyme shown to be effective in a human clinical study. It’s also demonstrated to be more effective than leading enzymes on the market that claim to help break down gluten. Tolerase® G works on both low- and high-caloric meals.

Tolerase® G is aimed at gluten sensitive consumers, who are already following a gluten-free diet but want help breaking down residual gluten. Tolerase® G is not intended to replace a gluten-free diet, treat or prevent celiac disease or to be consumed by children below three years old.

Tolerase® G is available as

  • FDA notified New Dietary Ingredient in the US
  • Listed Natural Health Product Ingredient in Canada
  • Authorized novel food in the EU
  • Listed Complementary Medicine Ingredient in Australia.
  • Listed permitted substance in New Zealand

In the US, GlutnGo™ from Bricker LabsSpectraZyme® from Metagenics®Me+MY® Gluten Assist™ and Gluten Manager from Integrative Therapeutics® contain Tolerase® G.

Hidden gluten may be found, for example, in

baked beans, blue cheese, bouillon, breading, broth, candy, cereal binding, chocolates, color (artificial, caramel), communion wafers, dry roasted nuts, flavoring, French fries, gravy, herbal teas, ice cream, icing/frosting, imitation bacon, imitation seafood, licorice, maltodextrin, sausage, marinades, meat loaf, nuts, processed meat, puddings, rice mixes, roux, salad dressings, sauces, seasonings, self-basting poultry, soup bases, soups, soy sauce, stuffing, thickeners, vegetarian “burgers”.

Scientifically proven superior efficacy

Studies have shown that Tolerase® G degrades gluten molecules more effectively than other commercially available supplements. The AN-PEP enzyme is much more efficient than those DPP-IV nzymes as it cleaves the entire gluten protein into small fragments, which are easier to digest.Human studies show that the enzyme can degrade 86% of gluten in the stomach. 2,3

Chart - Efficacy of Tolerase™ G
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