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DSM in Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients


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The natural brightener that keeps your skin at its luminous best

A fresh, healthy looking complexion helps us to feel great about ourselves. But aging and exposure to the sun can cause skin discoloration, age spots and an uneven tone and this can affect our emotions. As that youthful, luminous glow begins to fade it’s easy to lose self-confidence.

Asian women, especially, wish for healthy, bright, luminous-looking skin. Knowing you look bright and glowing on the outside goes a long way to making you feel lighter and brighter on the inside — especially if that look is achieved using gentle, natural plant extracts nourished by pristine mountain spring water and harvested at high altitudes in the pure mountain air of the Swiss Alps.

DSM has uncovered the secrets of the seven Alpine plants with the most potent brightening properties and used this unique combination to create ALPAFLOR® GIGAWHITE. This naturally potent fusion is gentle on both the skin and the environment.